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D'Annunzio loses what little cool he has

by waging war against dreadfully evil anonymous posters:

Hiding behind these web sites as "anonymous" is the same as hiding under a the white hood, COWARDS. You wouldn't dare say these things to my face, but I wouldn't have any trouble telling you this same thing to yours, if you dared.

Marcus Williams files for U.S. Senate

Well, at least he's consistent:

Marcus Williams filed as a Democrat in the US Senate race. He actually really surprised some folks and got 13% in the primary two years ago, coming within five points of the much more heralded Jim Neal. I don't think he's a serious threat to win the nomination but he could have some impact on the race.

That 13% was 170,865 votes...

Virginia ga-ga over offshore drilling

Including its two Democratic Senators:

Virginia could become the first state on the Eastern Seaboard to open its coast to energy exploration since a decades-old federal drilling ban expired more than a year ago.

The new Republican governor, Robert McDonnell, pledged to make Virginia the "energy capital of the East Coast" at his swearing-in last month. The state's Democratic senators, Jim Webb and Mark R. Warner, are also urging the Obama administration to begin selling leases next year for drilling 50 miles offshore.

Dem majority in NC House vulnerable, too?

Some startling (if true) political realities:

The GOP needs nine seats for control in the 120-member House. Minority Leader Paul Stam of Raleigh says among the Democratic seats he's targeting, 14 are in districts carried last year by Republican John McCain.

Last month Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling found voters split. A slight majority favored Republican legislative candidates. But independents, a crucial swing vote, preferred the GOP 45 percent to 23 percent.

The truth about history

StarNews has a great editorial on the recent flap over revisions to NC's History curriculum:

Tenth-graders would be immersed in study of the Founders, the Constitution and other important events and documents from the nation's formative years, much as they are now. The Civil War, which tore the nation apart and then brought it back together, wouldn't be forgotten, they say. It would be covered as part of a broad course in the seventh grade. Both courses would require students to think critically, analyze and draw conclusions based on the facts they learn.

Another NC Senate Democrat bows out

Senator Larry Shaw of Cumberland County announced today that he will not run for reelection:

State Sen. Larry Shaw of Fayetteville announced today this will be his last year in the General Assembly.

The seven-term Democrat said he won't seek re-election, ending speculation for months about his political plans.

"It's time to move on," Shaw said. "It's time to let someone else have a shot at it."

Obama's energy plan leaves much to be desired

At first glance, it doesn't appear to be much different from Bush the Younger's:

With the climate legislation stalled in Congress, however, many of Obama's allies find themselves divided by the president's push for new offshore drilling, his budget's tripling of loan guarantees for nuclear power plants, and his repeated use of the phrase "clean coal," which the coal industry uses as shorthand for still unproven and uneconomic technologies that could limit carbon-dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants.

High-speed rail: would you ride?

From a News & Record editorial:

The goal is to move passenger trains along a 500-mile route from Charlotte to Washington, D.C., at top speeds of 90-110 mph and an average speed of 86 mph. That won't match the "bullet trains" in Europe, Japan and China that reach tremendous speeds, but it would mark a significant improvement over current performance. Amtrak schedules say the "Crescent" can deliver a Greensboro passenger to Washington in six hours, 12 minutes, while the "Carolinian" takes seven hours, 47 minutes. If the train can't beat driving time, its appeal is limited.

D'Annunzio drops the "F" word

Not that one, the other "f" word:

D'Annunzio has called himself a "conservative first and then a Republican second." He blasts what he calls President Obama's "radical socialist" agenda.

"I don't tiptoe around that, that's what it is," he said Monday. "I do it a favor calling it 'socialism.' What we're experiencing is more a combination of socialism and fascism."


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