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Republican push poll in Wake Commissioner race

When surveyors become purveyors:

The survey began with generic questions, Edmonds said, and then used stronger language in asking whether he favored “race-based schools” or neighborhood schools, whether he was a practicing Christian and whether he could vote for a Democratic candidate for county commission who supports “publicly funded abortions.”

Edmonds said the survey questions focused positively on Republican commissioner Paul Coble and negatively on Coble’s Democratic opponent, Jack Nichols, a former chairman of the Wake County Democratic Party.

Of course, we probably won't be able to find out who paid for this until about five minutes after polls close on election day.

The N&O goes there, again

Truth to power, baby:

The attackers, or sponsors, are those who run some outfit called Americans for Job Security. It's one of a multitude of groups doing political business these days as professional gunslingers for big business interests that essentially oppose regulation and common-sense accountability rules protecting American taxpayers from free-wheeling greed exercised in the name of free enterprise.

This is not a byline piece, folks; it's an Editorial Staff article, and one of the strongest I've read in quite some time. And it's incredibly important for our Democracy that mainstream media have these conversations with their audience.

Undercover PETA investigation closes lab

When animal testing becomes animal torture:

A North Carolina lab has stopped doing research and is surrendering all of its animals a week after an undercover video showed what activists allege were workers cruelly treating dogs, cats and rabbits, federal regulators said Wednesday.

U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesman Dave Sacks said officials are trying to find new homes for more than 200 animals that were at Professional Laboratory and Research Services Inc. He said it was the company's decision to give them up and stop research. The USDA inspected the site this week and has started a formal investigation.

I can't find any information (yet) about how to adopt one of these poor creatures, but I'll keep looking.

**Update: information about adoption listed below.

Energy efficiency priorities being set

(State) Energy Efficiency Committee compiles wish list:

The committee looking to draft energy-efficiency proposals for the upcoming legislative session hit Charlotte Tuesday to review Duke Energy’s efficiency programs as it settled down to work on specifics.

That included more robust funding for low-income weatherization programs; an independent office to promote energy efficiency in schools, universities and other public buildings; requirements for quicker regulatory reviews and the manpower to allow regulators to meet them.

How much of this hinges on the upcoming election?

Filibuster broken on small business jobs bill

Heads up from Elaine Marshall:

Over the last few days, over 17,000 North Carolinians called on Senator Burr and his buddies in Washington to stop blocking the small business jobs bill. Thanks to those efforts, the Senate has now stopped Burr in his tracks and ended the filibuster!

Even though the bill does not add to the deficit and will account for 500,000 jobs, Senator Burr still voted against it - that just shows again why we have to retire him!

Of course he voted against it. His whole campaign is centered around obstructing progress and punishing the American people (including Burr's constituents) so they'll be desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy.

More astroturf activism from the Puppetmaster

Training for a career in rabble-rousing:

The John W. Pope Civitas Institute along with American Majority are pleased to announce an Activist Training coming to North Carolina this weekend. The training will be conducted on Saturday, September 18 in Wilmington, NC to provide citizens with the tools necessary to become effective activists.

American Majority "Mechanic" Jessica Wood has been harping about this over at ConservativeNC for weeks, so methinks the time is right for a little "instruction" of our own.

Ann Coulter coming to Wake County

Bigotry and misogyny in a tight black dress:

Coulter is scheduled to appear Sunday night at the North Ridge County Club for the Wake County Republican Women's Club's "Politics, Pasta and Pink Slips (for Democrats)" dinner and silent auction, Rob Christensen reports.

Just to give the Wake County Republican Women's Club something to chew on as they anticipate the arrival of such a strong voice, here's what Coulter thinks about you:

"It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact."

What's even more funny and ironic: You're going to pay her big bucks to speak to you. Idiots.

Break out the smelling salts

Apathy and indifference could be deadly:

Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, says Democratic interest is in "severe decline" compared with 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton courted the state during the primary.

Obama won this state by less than 1 percent of the vote in 2008. Jensen said if the same people who came out in 2008 plan to vote this year, Burr and Marshall would be essentially tied.

Instead more people who voted for John McCain two years ago plan to vote this year than those who backed Obama, Jensen said Friday.

Titan Cement switches lobbying firms

Dumping McGuire Woods in favor of Womble et al:

The company hoping to build a cement plant in New Hanover County has hired a new law firm to represent it as it trudges through the environmental permitting process.

Titan America recently hired Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC, which replaces John Merritt of McGuireWoods Consulting in Raleigh.

Which makes this as good at a time as any to remind legislators: SEPA is going to reveal some issues that have yet to be addressed, and you need to cast your net wide when seeking answers. Consider the source.


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