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In his own words: Burr revealed

The other day I mentioned how we need to introduce the real Burr to his constituents. Not the stalwart statesman he wants them to perceive, but the thoughtless, selfish, and hypocritical corporate lackey he is. We'll start by looking at a statement he made back in April sucking up to the Tea Partiers:

"I see this as part of the cavalry coming," Burr said. "They're mobilizing for the right reason. We can't continue to spend like we're spending."

Burr said the $787 billion stimulus package isn't helping citizens. "Nobody sees it," he said. "It stopped paving roads. It hasn't built any bridges," Burr said. "People are grabbing me and saying, 'Get me a job.'"

TVA lifts moratorium on its Generation Partners program

Whatever brought this about, it's a good move:

The Tennessee Valley Authority has ended a short moratorium on new enrollments in its Generation Partners program that encourages solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric projects.

A TVA statement Wednesday announced that enrollments are again being accepted for renewable energy projects of up to 200 kilowatts, with $1,000 payments provided to offset startup costs. TVA will also buy 100 percent of the green power that is produced and will pay the retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustment, plus a premium per kilowatt-hour.

Kay continues her work for small farms

It's nice to know somebody's looking out for them:

Hagan is cosponsoring two amendments to the Senate version. One of them, which would exempt family operations from new performance and record-keeping requirements, is now being rewritten.

“We had started out having it by a dollar amount,” Hagan explained. “It was $500,000 [in gross income] but now it’s being looked at [by] the metric … like how many bushels of peaches that they would sell.”

Focusing on the metric of production will make it easier to isolate smaller-scale operations, explained the senator.

GOP Mayor cracks down on...female swimmers?

And this guy wants to be our Governor:

New Bern Police Chief Frank Palombo says a criminal summons was issued on Tuesday for Mayor Lee Bettis. The 46-year-old faces misdemeanor charges of assault on a female and disorderly conduct.

The charges stem from a June 16 incident at a YMCA pool. WITN-TV reports that Bettis and a woman argued over whether she was bumping into the mayor's wife.
The woman says Bettis shook her, but he told the TV station he never touched her.

"I don't know what happened, officer. One minute she's standing there yapping at me, the next minute she's shaking like a leaf. Maybe it's epilepsy."

NC Conservation Network alert: offshore drilling bill

Just got this heads-up in the (e)mail:

We have some breaking good news on North Carolina's response to the Gulf oil disaster and an urgent request for you to contact your state representative in the next 24 hours.

A House committee in the state legislature just passed a bill (S836) which would:

- ensure that oil companies like BP are fully liable for damage to our state from offshore oil spills, including if oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster hits NC beaches,

Don't forget to vote

And don't remember to vote, but then decide it's a waste of time, or you don't feel strongly enough about either one to make a choice, or you're disgusted about some of the tactics, or whatever other reason that might keep you home. You need to vote today because your voice needs to be heard.

As Progressives in North Carolina, we have far too many examples and indicators that we are in a distinct minority. But even with that seemingly insurmountable barrier, many of our ideas have found wider acceptance and have been implemented. Partially because they're good ideas, but also because of the energy with which they're presented. And taking an active role in the political process, which includes voting, helps sustain that energy that is so critical.

Gun totin' tea baggers

What are you starin' at?

Randy Dye will sometimes carry a gun on his hip, right out in the open, no jacket pulled over it, no inside-the-belt holster. It draws funny looks, and Dye doesn't much care.

One time, Dye explains, he was standing in line for a money order when the guy behind him asked, "Are you a police officer?" Dye said no, and the guy kept staring, so Dye stared back. "We good?" Dye asked, and the conversation stopped.

"I wasn't trying to intimidate," says Dye, a retired trauma nurse in Chatham County. "He approached me. If you don't understand your constitutional rights, you need to go read them."

Father's Day thoughts

First off, I'd like to say "thank you" for the nice cards. Even if I don't possess all of the admirable traits listed therein, pulling something other than junk mail and bills out of the mailbox is a pretty sweet deal all by itself.

But while thanking you, I'd also like to take this time to make a few simple suggestions about how you can improve the "quality of life" of fathers worldwide. This is in addition to the cards. You still need to send those.

Those thirsty nuke plants

They may be relatively clean, but are they sustainable?

In addition to the high cost and risks, new reactors create another problem, one that is rarely mentioned: they put enormous pressure on water resources. Nuclear reactors require huge amounts of cooling water to operate; without adequate water, they cannot produce electricity.

Scientists say that warmer temperatures from climate change will mean a less dependable supply of water. This should be of special concern to residents of the southeastern United States, which is seeing its energy demand grow - and its water resources become increasingly stressed.

NC's ethically-challenged Republicans

Sen. Eddie Goodall tries to earn his keep:

But in January, Goodall became president of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools, which wants to increase the number of charter schools allowed in the state, among other goals.

Goodall raised eyebrows in the Senate chamber Thursday when he tried to run an amendment to an education and jobs bill that would lift the cap. Goodall’s proposals were shot down.

It should have raised a lot more than eyebrows. It should have triggered an ethics probe.


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