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Wealth inequality in the US

Anyone paying attention to the news knows there is a great disparity in income and wealth in America. CEO's earn 300 X the salary of their average employee, the minimum wage, if it had kept pace with other factors in our economy should be slightly over $20/hr, and so on. A recent article showed the median American's net worth to be 27th among other nations. As I recall, the figure for Amerians was about $39K while in Australia (number one) the figure was @ $200K. In Canada it's over $80K.

Sometimes all those numbers get jumbled and it's hard to visualize just how bad the situation is.

Here's a link to a brief video that really oulls it all together. You should look at it...and while you're watching, remember that the new NC tax plan is designed to make things even better for the wealthy.

Everyone should read this...particularly women and our legislators.

Kurt Eichenwald, Vanity Fair editor, writes about his wife's discovery that she has breast cancer and his/their anger at the GOP endorsed policies that make it hard for poor women to get care. It's a hard-hitting article. Our legislators would be well served to consider their continuing lack of humanity.

Well...take a look here....Goolsby being sued by 10 investors

Go read it.....

Apparently some folks think Goolsby might not have been too smart about investing their money.

Maybe it's karma...what goes around comes around.

Koch Brothers...merchants of death?

Beneath the radar, as usual, of the national media there is a controversy over PBS pulling a documentary on the Koch bothers influence in America. Apparently, they are large donors on both sides of the aisle and no one wants to stop the flow of their money...even if it kills them...or maybe their grandchildren.

I encourage you to read this chilling article by Jane Meyer of the New Yorker:


I'm going to link to a diary on KOS that I think everyone shoulld read.

It's here

The net is this: The Pennsylvania House has passed legislation allowing tax-burdened seniors to work off their escalating property taxes by working in area schools for "tax credits" that equate to about $5/hr. Beyond the questionable viabilty and income tax considerations of such a program, it's simply mean spirited. I guess that's what we have to expect from the GOP...mean, small-minded, bigoted and totally favoring the wealthy and corporations. Two tea-party types sponsored this bill and reading the self-congratulatory release makes me throw up. Pure bullshit.

If Karma truly exists, these people will surely meet the ebola virus.

Oh, and wait till GOP NCGA reads this..."Ewwwww, great idea!!"

Nipple ban

I suppose everyone has heard of the new NC GOP legislation that has passed the house and awaits a senate vote. It's a bill to provide criminal penalties if a woman shows her breast/nipples in public. The first offense is punishable by up to 6 months in prison. A first offense DWI is a max of 24 hours in jail ... and a 2nd and 3rd is still more lenient than this potential punishment.

There are exceptions for breastfeeding mothers and ladies working in strip clubs. Apparently, this all came about when some women bared their breasts in political protest over some other absurdity shoveled on to women by hairy, old hypocritical GOP bigots. What could that be?

NC DOT can't find own ass with both hands....

In the event you have an Auto registration renewal due, count on taking the inspection to a local DMV office to get your new required sticker. Why? Because the DOT "upgraded" their system...and guess what? It's isn't...and hasn't been working for awhile.

Weeks past, I didn't notice, nor did my inspector tell me, that at the bottom of my inspection receipt was a note telling me I'd have to take care of this myself because the NC DOT computer didn't recognize my vehicle. Naturally, they did charge the $6.25 for the e-file portion of the $30 fee. So, I've asked for my $6.25 to be refunded. Ha :) When pigs fly.

You've been warned....your government at work.

Small Business lies...and more.

I spent some time looking over the most recent census data and the IRS data on who pays taxes and how much. It's difficult to take sets of big numbers and come up with something reasonably accurate. And, I'm well aware of the story about the guy that drowned in a lake that averaged 18 inches deep. But, here I go...

Eric Cantor's ex-aides "Young Guns" PAC mailing anti-McIntyre literature

I received a glossy mailer from VA today portraying McIntyre as one of the prime causes of high gas prices. This hit piece from the HQ of the Young Guns outlined McIntyre's votes against allowing drilling in the Artic and his pro-environment votes. Rouzer wasn't mentioned and the mailer said it wasn't paid for or endorsed by any candidate. Since most Republicans like Mike, I guess they're simply hoping to keep control of the House and any bigot will do.


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