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OLF- Site C update....McIntyre responds...

After weeks of faxing and numerous letters McIntyre's office called this evening and apologized for being slow to respond on the OLF issue. However, his staff person said Representative McIntyre is now talking with the Southern Environmental Law Center and, while wanting to remain "friendly" with the military, is asking if there isn't another approach to solving the Navy's needs.

The staff person mentioned it would be helpful if other Congressmen were being contacted about this. So...all I can say is let's give Walter Jones a real whipping on this...letters and faxes and emails...and let's also ask our other Dems to get involved.

Please...send an email or fax or call your congressman. All the contact Numbers are quickly available on my blog SE NC blog

Celebrashun in Nanistan

Wvile ech uv you vas vatching ze Ann Coulter speshial tunite un Faux neus, zhere vas much lager-drinking and cavortinhootin in Nanistan becuz 2dayvas zee 52 veek anniverecery uv mezee beein on BlueNC.

It's a real hoot...ya'll are great!

His name is Jack...

We met yesterday. We were doing what men often do...waiting! We struck up a conversation about little things like the weather, and it progressed to "where are you from" and where have you been and so on. He was a 30 year Army vet and we learned we had been some of the same places. He was in the 173rd Airborne with a base camp in 1970 near Long Binh...I had been there five years earlier...knew the place...had been nearby but further west and north.

There's more...

Corruption and Power - Open Thread

The increasingly disturbing news forecasting an imminent confrontation or war with Iran is of great concern to me...and I'm sure to all of you. From all appearances, George Bush is prepared to plunge us further into catastrophe while he and the rest of the craven cowards in his administration talk about diplomacy as a ruse to disguise their true intent while they prepare to drench the world in blood.

George Bush and Dick Cheney have been corrupted by the power they wield. They need to be removed from! Below the fold are comments on such corruption by one of the most learned people of the 19th century.

Open thread from the coast...

One of my pet peeves is gratuitous profanity, name calling, and such. I think there are better ways....and as a point of discussion or entertainment I present some quotes that are more devastating that the "F--k off, you A--wipe" of which I have been a recipent.

Your thoughts...or a favorite insult? OPEN THREAD!

Bush sends a message to Congress (and the Border Patrol)

Yesterday two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean entered prison to begin serving 11 and 12 year terms respectively for shooting and wounding a Mexican Drug dealer bringing 700+ lbs. of marijuana across our border. The Justice Department gave immunity to the drug dealer in exchange for his testimony against the Border Patrol agents.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton released a lengthy statement defending his decision to prosecute the agents and offer immunity to the drug smuggler saying. in part, "Federal prosecutors cannot look the other way when law enforcement officers shoot unarmed suspects, then lie about it to their supervisors and file official reports that are false." Elsewhere it has been reported three jurors on the trial are now saying they were coerced into a guilty verdict. There's lots of details of this case elsewhere and the details are not the point here...

The point is...beyond what appears to be a grave miscarriage of justice, what is stunning is that 55 Congressmen have signed a petition asking President Bush to pardon the two agents...and he hasn't had the courtesy to reply much less take action.

More below the fold....

Welcome back to Washington

Our elected representatives will be returning to Washington this week. New folks will be sworn in, and the old-timers will likely be assessing what lies ahead with the change in leadership. George's beautifully written story about his trip to the drugstore got my juices flowing and I thought "Damn it, every one of our returning representatives...those whose sloth and fecklessness has ravaged this nation...ought to be getting lots of letters, faxs, emails and phone calls telling them to get off their lazy, partisan behinds and do something." (Brad Miller...not included here :)

Hence the following below the fold...which I plan to fax to all those described above. I'd be pleased if anything I say would seem worthy enough that you would use it to cut and paste and help craft your own be emailed or faxed...or for the content of a phone call to their office.


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