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A shot across the bow

To: Representative Mike McIntyre
Subject: A shot across the Bow...

Dear Representative McIntyre,

My wife and I stood in the rain for 8+ hours last Tuesday working our precinct making sure Democratic and Independent voters knew the party affiliation of all candidates....judicial and otherwise. We distributed flyers in our neighborhood recommending Democratic candidates with arguments as to why they should be elected. We held a successful fund raiser for Julia Boseman, and we helped expose Al Roseman’s negative campaign. Nan is precinct captain for H9. You might get the general idea that we’re active and motivated to see significant change in our government.

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Destroying America

Abraham Lincoln said "If slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong." Were Lincoln alive today he would undoubtedly say the same about torturing a helpless human being, denying the right of habeas corpus, and trying, convicting and punishing someone without allowing the defendant to face his or her accusers, hear all the evidence, and answer all charges. Yet, Congress has agreed to permit these very things to occur to "unlawful enemy combatants" and "alien detainees."

A bit more about the Shuler / Edwards event

If anyone missed the earlier posts and would like to see the video's of the event go HERE

Heath Shuler's supporters are enthusiastic and my observation is that Taylor has one hell of a fight on his hands. We also had 48 folks indicate interest in joining NorthCarolinaForEdwards, and all the locals I spoke with expressed support for Senator Edwards's work and hoped to see him announce.

Link here if you'd like to learn more about NorthCarlinaForEdwards, or email me.

Thanks to Great Britain

If you're interested in sending a letter of thanks to the Brit's for helping save our bacon you can GO HERE TO CONGRESS.ORG to send a message to the British Ambassador.

Just thought I'd pass this along. Suggested words might include....

“As citizens of the United States, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and heart felt thanks for the work of your Government in thwarting the recent terrorist plot. Your efforts saved countless lives in this conflict that grips both our nations. Thank you."

An Invitation....

I would like to invite anyone from BlueNC who is interested in seeing John Edwards be elected as our next President to join our state yahoo group.

For more information go to:

North Carolina for Edwards here

We're just getting started...but we plan to be vigorous in our support and need some good minds and willing hands to help. We're building an information database on Edwards and what he thinks and has done to help us the debunk lies and false statements that will surely start to fly when and if he announces.

I live in Wilmington,,,my email address for this project is and I'd be happy to provide more info. A group of us around the country currently have shell groups set up for every state and 12 states now have members in their group.

The best government money can buy...

Ever write a letter to Senator Liddy Dole about something you felt was important? Say, oh like, enforcing immigration laws, revising our ponderous tax code, campaign finance reform, health care, or the war in Iraq? Remember getting her form letter reply telling you what a privilege it is to serve you and how important your thoughts are? Remember nothing ever happening, even though you knew thousands of people like you are similarly concerned? Remember thinking you'd probably get the same reply if you wrote to her about the 8000 lb. armadillo living in your basement? Remember wondering what it takes to get real attention?


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