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Kay Hagan one of the Dem Senators stymying health care public option

I've not much to say except to point you to this diary by NYCEVE on DKos. I am stunned that Senator Hagan would take this stance. I called Hagan's office and whoever answered said Senator Hagan hadn't yet decided whether or not to support a public option.

Legislature considering allowing sewage to be pumped into our aquifers...ACTION!!

Below is the text of an email I received today from the North Carolina Conservation Network. It's almost impossible to believe anyone would actually consider asking for or allowing this to happen. Almost...simply because the people we elect seem to be capable of anything.

Due to the public health risks, it is currently illegal in North Carolina to inject treated sewage into our groundwater. However, this week the state legislature is likely to begin committee hearings and could vote on a measure to unravel this public health protection.

Deregulation - an example of what Republicans want for America

This article in the NYT gave me a shiver. THIS is what the Republicans want...the power to screw the take away their livlihood, their dwelling, and get away unscathed.

The entire article is HERE but here are a few excerpts...

Ko Sasaki for The New York Times

Koji Hirano faced homelessness after being laid off from the Canon factory, background, where he worked in Oita, Japan. The shock turned to fear when they were also ordered to vacate their employer-provided apartments, a common job benefit here. With no savings from his monthly take-home pay of as little as $700, he said, he faced certain homelessness.

“They were going to kick us out into the winter cold to die,” said Mr. Hirano, 47.

2009: The GDP, taxes, and unemployment...

If all the financial indicators I'm reading actually lead to the results indicated, we're in for a very tough year. The GDP was off 5% in the last quarter, manufacturing is off 30+%, retail is in the toilet, and many state and local governments are looking at huge deficits. Unemployment is growing at about 500K jobs per month.

I don't pretend to understand the interconnecting complexities of our nation's GDP (@ $14 Trillion annually), but an example helps put the importance of GDP into context.

A public service message to you and your parents about Medicare & Medicaid

If you or your parents are not yet 65 you’ll probably ignore what I have to say thinking this won’t apply to me. You’ll be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

If you or one or someone in your family has to go into a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) the current cost, in North Carolina, is about $72,000 yearly. I’m going to focus on details surrounding folks who are 65 or older who qualify for Medicare. Anyone younger who needs a SNF, unless they have good Health Care Insurance that pays for some “rehab” time in a SNF, or has been smart enough to purchase Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is likely in deep financial trouble.

We have been well and truly screwed...and it's going to get much worse.

I watched much of the C-SPAN coverage of the Senate debate on "financial stabilization." Senators Feingold and Sanders made the most cogent statements calling this legislation well-intentioned but deeply flawed.

And deeply flawed it is. This legislation fails to address how we will pay for it, how taxpayers will be protected, and does nothing to prevent similar abuses in the future. This legislation also fails to even mention punishing those responsible...and the executive compensation limitation provision is laughable...simply limiting corporate tax deductions on salaries over $400K.


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