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Out of defeat ... strength and progress

This has been a horrible night for North Carolina, diversity, Progressives, businesses, libertarians, and even some thoughtful Conservatives. The results are not good, they are not fair, and they do not represent the best of this State. When the best that can be said is that there is hope that in a decade or so people will be more loving to their fellow human beings and less hateful (or that at least the usual suspects: Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Asheville [and maybe Charlotte, Watauga, and Wilmington] voted against the amendment), it is small solace. But there is hope (below the fold) if we keep it alive.

Presidential Ballot

A couple of posts have made the national blogs today about this. On the North Carolina ballot, voters have the option of voting a "straight party ticket." Note that if you choose to vote a straight party ticket, that does NOT count as a vote for President, which is above the straight party vote, or for judges, who are on the back of the ballot.
---edited to add the Obama Straight Flip video, RP----

N&O Supressing News

This unconfirmed report of threats aimed at preventing people from talking to local bloggers, or else risk their ability to be written about in the N&O, comes from a reputable source. I do not know the reality of this situation, but it is sad that these claims seem plausible:

Speaking of the N&O (and let's just go ahead and throw in the TBJ since they have thrown themselves into this situation as well), I will inform all of you--especially those who are considering applying for a contributor position here--that it has come to my attention that both publications supposedly consider Raleighing to now be a threat to their business. Several of my best sources have pleaded with me to refrain from posting insider information as those publications have apparently stated that they will not feature content that has first been made public on Raleighing.com. I, of course, have not been able to 100% substantiate this information, but the fact that more than a few of my sources have independently approached me with the same request is quite curious.

NCDP v. McCain

The North Carolina Democratic Party has this post calling out John McCain for his trip to Charlotte to raise the money that he claims to be against:

As the Washington Post recently reported, McCain, the presidential candidate is hypocritically employing the very same fundraising tactics he spent years criticizing and trying to change.

While I do think that John McCain is a power-hungry gumby-like politician who twists his views depending on whatever suits him, I do not think that this is a fair criticism and also have doubts about whether the state party should be getting into this.

First, the criticism is unfair because John McCain should not have to run for president with a hand tied behind his back just because he is closer to the sane, rational position of limitting campaign contributions than other Republicans.

N & O Officially Becomes a College Tabloid

We take as a fact that the News & Observer is not the best paper in the world: it might not get the facts right all the time, they may not be particularly insightful, they may not be able to analyze national politics, and have a tendency to pander to the right. But I never thought that the N&O would take the precious resources that are left to them after the buyout and try to become a tabloid for UNC (not that I could pick a better school to be a tabloid for). This week it looks like they have.

The incident was this: A UNC male student staged what at first appears to be a singing valentine to his girlfriend (a NC State student) in the Pit at UNC [the Pit is the main student hang-out during the day on UNC's campus, being next to the library, the gym, some classrooms, and most importantly the food court]. With cameras rolling and a crowd formed, the singing started and then after the singing there was a vicious breakup, complete with F-bombs, personal attacks, and derisive comments on the promiscuity of women at NC State. Problem is that the incident was clearly staged and there is good liklihood that the entire scene was faked. (if you want to watch just search "Pit breakup" in YouTube; I do not want to sully our frontpage with this stuff).


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