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North Carolina's Growth 5th Fastest in Nation, And a New Focus for My Blogging in a New Year

This report from the Triangle Business Journal:

North Carolina's population increased by more than 142,000 people last year, tying it with Texas and Georgia as the fifth fastest-growing state in the country, according to new statistics released Friday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state's population reached 8,683,242 in 2005, an increase of 1.7 percent between July 2004 and July 2005.

Over the past five years, North Carolina has added 636,751 new residents, a 7.9 percent increase in the total state population from April 1, 2000, to July 1, 2005. That growth ranks seventh nationally behind Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Utah and Idaho.

Finally a Toll That Makes Sense, But Is Not Complete

There has been some rumbling recently about a sane toll. The proposals are for the tolls to be placed at the Virginia/North Carolina border. The beauty of this location is that the tolls would target interstate drivers, probably crossing for travel rather than work. It evens has a discount for those travelling to their work. This reprt from the AP:

Virginia and North Carolina officials are working on a plan to collect tolls from motorists on interstates 95 and 85 near the state line south of Richmond, Va.

Diebold Removes Itself From Competition In North Carolina

Diebold announced yesterday that they were dropping out of consideration for selling voting machines to North Carolina counties, citing their inability to meet the current transparency standards required by the State. Their claim is that they cannot reveal all of their code because some is owned by a third party; however, the company has never shown an effort to get the third-parties to allow release of the code to the State.

The decision of Diebold leaves only one company vying to sell equiptment in the state, Electronic Systems and Software. Now Counties are trying to get the laws changed. From the Durham Herald Sun:

Bad News for Challengers to Diebold Certification

Superior Court Judge Ripley Rand has ruled against the EFF in its bid to stop Diebold and others from selling voting equiptment in the state. The challengers had claimed that the certification of the firms was illegal because the firms were not willing to follow the transparency laws of the state. Oh well, there are always appeals.

Background here. Story here.

Something to Keep You Warm This Holiday Season

From the TerraBlog:

Sometimes numbers have an elegant way of encoding human behavior. Of course, with each gallon of petroleum causing roughly 20 lbs of global warming-causing CO2 (no matter how new your car is), it's easy to see why we have a global warming problem.

For those of you not familiar with TerraPass, it is a company that sells Carbon Dioxide offsets that, for around $25, ensentially allow you to drive a car for a year without adding any addition CO2 to the atmosphere (since you are paying others not to pollute the amount that your car is emitting).


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