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Will Gas Prices Go Down? And Will it Affect American Lifestyles?

A few weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that the media seems to be under a false impression that just because gas prices were historically low during the 90's, that the current price level must some how magically drop to the mid $1 range in the near future. This obviously flawed logic was leading the "journalists" to conclude that now is the best time to start a long commute/ buy a gas guzzling SUV, since the prices of far out houses and Hummers have taken a nose dive. Because who wants 10 miles to a gallon when a gallon is going to cost over $3?

Bush Administration is more depressing than 9-11

Being able to final get back on the site for the first time since emerging from my two week bar studying cocoon, I figured that I will lead with this little nugget that I found this morning:

According to the poll, 65 percent say they feel less confident that life for their children's generation will be better than it was for them. In December 2001, the last time this question was asked, respondents — by a 49-42 percent margin — said they were confident life would be better for their children.

So after 9-11, Americans were in doubt about the country, and now after

Early, Early, Early '08 Governor's Poll

Via Citizen with Bob Geary. Public Policy Polling released a poll on the '08 Democratic primary. The results:

Perdue leads Moore 36% to 23% among likely
Democratic primary voters. State Representative Bill Faison received support from 6% of survey respondents.

Way too early for any serious consideration of this poll, but fun anyway. Also, this seems to me to be a little of the media creating these candidates by continually pumping

Reflection Open Thread

I posted this quote in a comment, but since first reading it a couple of weeks ago, it has really affected the way that I look at some things:

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.
-- Nietzsche

What does this make you think of? Or if you do not like my prompt, talk about whatever you want.

Andy Curliss: Takes Ball Goes Home

I always thought that the biggest problem with the whole Robin Hayes meeting W scandal that Working For Change highlighted for us so well in this and this post was the horrible job of reporting by Andy Curliss of the News and Observer; I mean he did not even try to verify the information handed to him by the Hayes camp. Andy was faced with two competing claims, one from Kissell and one from the Hayes spokesperson. Andy immediately assumed the Hayes' claim was correct and Kissell was wrong. So I sent him an e-mail asking if he had any proof of the claims he made about Hayes actually being there.

Landfill Moratorium Bill Moves to Committee

I am really rushed this morning, but I got this alert from Molly Diggins of the North Carolina Sierra Club and wanted to pass it along. The meeting on the bill will be at noon today (Wednesday). And if anyone does go to support the moratorium, please let them know that you heard about it on BlueNC so that in the future they will think to keep the netroots informed.

From Molly Diggins:


The NC Senate will take up a bill to place a moratorium on new landfills in NC. This is the same measure they attempted to move through a special provision in the budget but the House took a position this year that it would not accept any special provisions in the budget.

What happens when you move into sprawling suburbia?

What happens when you move into a sprawling area of Raleigh? You get a big go-cart track built right next to you:

Residents said they moved into the neighborhood because of the peace and quiet. However, they say that changed about a year ago when Frankie's Fun Park opened off Alexander Drive. Homeowners claim the sound from the go-karts and the loudspeakers can be heard well into the night.

I am sure that the homeowners complaining thought that the woods next to their newly leveled and developed areas were going to stay clear forever, but they learned the hard way that if the developer who tore down the woods formally covering their lots, there is nothing preventing another developer from the same to the lot next to you.


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