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Docs reveal dark money plot to consolidate conservative power in NC

Reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Center for Media and Democracy have been analyzing 30 gigabytes of documents hacked from the Koch network and the Bradley Foundation, showing their plans for consolidating conservative power in five states - Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. Raw Story has a summary and links to the articles and other background. And, yes, Art Pope's involved. Read on ...

Know any NC names in Trump's swamp?

ProPublica has published a list of 400 hires by the Trump administration that don't require approval by Congress.

It's a mix of Breitbart conspiracy theorists, lobbyists, and campaign flunkies - some are even recent high school graduates that have been clearly put into high level positions, far beyond any of their actual qualifications.

There are likely some NC connected names here.

GSO's International Civil Rights Museum receiving threats

A friend who had donated to the Museum got the following email.

The Museum has been receiving racist threats of violence - and had two people show up with loaded weapons - after MSNBC aired a segment on Trump's campaign bullied the staff in an attempt attempt to use the Museum as a backdrop for a photo-op. The campaign demanded that the Museum close for five hours to accommodate arrangements and security for Trump to be briefly be photographed looking at the exhibits.

The photo-op would have taken place on the same day as the police killing of Keith Scott and the beginning of the unrest in Charlotte. Rachel Maddow's video report is well worth watching if you haven't seen it already, putting the incident in the context of Trump's visit and his remarks about African-Americans that day in NC appearances.

Weird Trump-church rumor coming out of western NC

I'm passing this along because it's just so strange, but still plausible.

I have not see any media confirmation of this, but it would be quite curious if it were true.

I have friend in Charlotte who works for a mainstream church in the city and people at his church were talking about something they heard about this weekend.

NC Senate Bill 873 ends HCBUs?

Tom Apodaca, a North Carolina senator from Hendersonville, has introduced Senate bill 873, that’s touted as the “Access to Affordable College Education Act”. It would lower tuition at some of the state’s historically black universities and guarantee that if students graduate, their tuition wouldn’t increase.

If you read the fine print, however, it effectively guts the idea of the state’s HBCUs.

Cities and counties on HB2

With the flurry of news stories on HB2, I'm creating this blog post to keep track of cities, towns, and counties that have come out for and against HB2. Many of these pop up in individual news stories that come and go, but I think it would be helpful to see a full list.

You might refer to it as you're making plans for spending your in-state tourism dollars over the next few months.

Opposing HB2

Asheville City Council


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