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Concealed Carry

Let's hope some local media ask
Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus),
Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Craven),
Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union),
Rep. Jeff Collins (R-Nash), and
Rep. Bert Jones (R-Rockingham).
If the nightclub attack in Orlando has changed their minds in regard to their HB 1148, which is:


Fifty people killed by one man in such a short period of time. Does North Carolina really need to make it easier to carry a firearm?

Fish have more rights than women

Ok, that title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sure I can be forgiven to taking this discussion to the next level. Women have tried for decades to pass an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution, a straight-forward way to legally recognize women as persons before the law. Women have tried for decades to get all levels of government to recognize that women have the right to consult with their doctor and make decisions regarding their own health without governmental interference. It hasn't happened yet.

Virtual Schools Virtually Worthless

A long-time supporter of charter schools, the Walton Family Foundation, has issued a damning report regarding online charter 'cyber' schools. These are the same 'virtual charters' Senator Jerry Tillman demanded be opened here in North Carolina. K12-Inc opened the N.C. Virtual Academy, and Pearson opened the N.C. Connections Academy. Both have seen substantial loss of students since opening last fall. Emphasis below is mine.

Fox in the Hen House, Again.

The "REINS Act" is exactly what it sounds like. A measure that would rein in government by requiring the 'major' rules created by government agencies to be approved by the General Assembly. That's right. ‘Major’ rules would have to go through NCGA, presumably as a piece of legislation. They would go through committees and be passed by both houses, possibly even be signed by the governor. This is what the Locke Foundation proposed last week at an NCGA committee meeting.

Virtual Charters, Virtual Ignorance, Real Dollars

The New Year finds more concerns regarding the advent of K12 Inc. running a virtual charter school here in North Carolina.
The company’s stock has been on a dive for a while now. Stockholders were not happy to hear in 2008 that the company had outsourced the grading of student essays to a company in India. Couple that with the continuation of high compensation for K12 Inc’s leadership and students showing poor performance in learning, and you get a strong downward trend in stock prices.

I'm done with this board.

Orange County's Board of Elections met this afternoon. Many people know I have been sitting in on their meetings regularly since March of 2012.

On the agenda was determining early vote sites and times for the 2016 primary election. 14 members of the public were there, 11 of us spoke in favor of broad opportunities for early vote sites. Most of the 11 requested Sunday early vote hours. Our Board of County Commissioners also sent a letter to the Board of Elections saying they would support Sunday voting hours.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The UNC BOG interim Pres W. Louis Bissette, jr. addressed NCGA this afternoon on the process the BOG went through in deciding on appropriate salaries for chancellors at each level of our university system by seeking comparison salaries at comparable schools. Our salaries needed to be adjusted. Upwards.

Social Media & Politics

This was a very interesting State BOElections meeting. The chair of Rowan Co's board has made social media posts that were racist in nature and also used social media to endorse candidates. As the face of the Elections board, this is not appropriate--the chair must maintain conduct that reassures the public that elections are fair, and fairly run.

Idiocy Not Limited To Food Stamps

Rep. Pittman, from Cabarrus County, takes today’s prize. He suggested Planned Parenthood “gave out” contraceptives that don’t work so they could “get more business.” That’s right, folks.

There was “bargaining” in the videos, he said, and “oh, I want a Lamborghini...” so we have to sell more women on an abortion to get that tissue.

“The very idea that Planned Parenthood would want to reduce abortions is ludicrous...they’re making money off of it....”


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