The coming wave (election) and how to make it happen

If next year's election were held today, it's likely Republicans would lose the House of Representatives and fail to win the Senate. I say "likely" because of gerrymandering. In fair elections, it would be game over. The Republican party is a damaged brand, and there's no sign anyone is working to repair it. But because of gerrymandering, the GOP has a built-in structural advantage that gives them a huge cushion. Throw in a raft of voter intimidation tactics, and whatever momentum we're seeing on the left could be dashed.

How do we make it from here to next November without losing steam? It's not rocket science.

Never forget. Wake up every day, like I do, dedicated to kicking Art Pope's ass in November. Join the new round of Moral Mondays that is ongoing now. Be prepared for a full-court press when the legislature is back in session. Challenge the GOP agenda at every turn and in every way, including litigation.

Use the primary election as a test run for November. Get people registered and get them to the polls. At the same time, figure out how to master the use of absentee ballots. If your group is doing this work, add a comment below so we can learn how to support you.

Bet on women. the war on women is being waged with a vengeance by Republican men and the women who fear them. To fight back, we need women candidates at every level, including governor in 2016. And we need to mobilize women voters with the same zeal we use to mobilize any other group. Abortion rights are on the chopping block. Support Lillian's List.

Continue to document the damage. The GOP agenda is a fast-speeding train wreck that produces nothing good unless you're a special interest. They're bribing companies to move here as fast as they can, but we all know that bribes are short-lived motivators. Teacher pay? DHHS? DENR? The sad saga is there for anyone who wants to look. NC Policy Watch is doing the best job documenting the damage.

To win, we have to turn out two voters for every one Republican who shows up. Yes it's unfair and probably illegal, but until a sane court somewhere overturns our legislative and Congressional districts, they are what they are.



Why it's so hard to retake the House

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“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden

Short attention span

This is what I worry about the most. Right now, a near super-majority of likely voters are ready to kick the GOP out of Congress and the NC Legislature. But the next election is over a year away, and if Republicans tone down their craziness next year, I fear the voters will forget, and revert to their previous bad judgment.

Activism is good, because it raises awareness and it (often) forces Republicans to respond. Any time elected Republicans speak, the sliminess shines through, which is good. But unless we can convince (or shame) the media into confronting all the lies, the GOP's false narrative survives.

If we're putting our hope in the mainstream media,

we're screwed. They're playing to their base ... which is largely uninformed, uninterested in being informed, and mostly interested in who won the big game last weekend.


“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden

That's my fear too Steve

Most people today seem to have a very short attention span and near zero retention. Political amnesia is our biggest enemy, and one reason why I'm in near silent mode at the moment. I tend to burn hot and fast and burn out even quicker, so hopefully by sitting back and taking notes, so to speak, I'll be ready and able to throw virtual bombs when the battle heats up next summer.

I've got a file full of infographics called 'campaign' that I've been collecting since last spring. I plan to use them as spring boards to flog the message hard and jog as many memories as possible when the time comes.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail


Hot. Fast. And out. That's the story of my life.


“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden

Nov 2014 offers NC a chance to change the NC Supreme Court

4 of the 7 NC Supreme Court seats are up in Nov 2014.

They are elected statewide for 8 year terms.

They aren't gerrymandered.

Control of an entire branch of government for 8 years.


This is exactly right. I sure hope the leadership

of the NCDP is paying attention. As stated above, the NC supreme court cannot be affected by gerrymandering, and they just might help end the apparently "ok" practice of having legislators choose their voters.

GOP realized this last time

That's why they pumped millions into ensuring the Newby was re-elected. The banjo commercial wasn't a homespun ditty from Paul; it was a calculated, market-tested ad from a SuperPAC formed to ensure that the Republicans continue to control the NC Supreme Court (non-partisan, my ass!).

They'll be back, so the Dems will need to get really serious if they want to take the court.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Using the primary

Using the primary as a test run for get out the vote operations and absentee voting is good, as long as that primary in April is following a first 100 days of voter registration and education.

With no more same day registration after these 2013 local elections, we have to depend on all the voting registration being done by a hard deadline before the early voting period begins.

The NAACP is organizing another Moral Monday in Raleigh in late December, there will be MLK marches/rallies/meals/events across the state in January, and a massive multi-organization annually march/rally with HKonJ in Raleigh in February.

We can't go into hibernation over winter if we want a strong voter turnout next year.

Zap The Electronic GOP System Of State Control

Throw in a raft of voter intimidation tactics, and whatever momentum we're seeing on the left could be dashed.*James

Wrong James! As long there is Electronic Voting Machines, The GOP Fascists will win time after time regradless of the other generic two party BS Orwellism.. If the NSA can run the biggest Police State Data Grid Machine since the Planet was created, What makes One thinks that they can change the phony Democratic process of real choice with grassworks Actism that goes nowhere or changes anything..