Shoes with no socks

Crazy stuff over at Things Rich People Love. Must be where Richard Burr gets his fashion tips.

For many, the thought of sliding their feet into a pair of brand new shoes with nothing but a smile and a shoehorn is repulsive. In fairness, there are more disgusting habits that a man can pick up in the dirty streets of the world’s finest cities and unlike the aforementioned dirty habits, sans sock aficionados say don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. Of course, if you aren’t rich, you aren’t subjected to ridiculous peer pressure to adopt styles popularized by Miami Vice and other atrocities of the eighties. In fact, average men that show up anywhere in dress shoes without socks are most likely to become the butt of all jokes for the night and likely for the rest of their life. Not so for the rich.


Well, um

If you go to Myrtle Beach during SOS or during the Cammy Awards, you will not find a whole lot of socks being worn by those slick dancing dudes in their penny loafers :)

Just thought I would throw that out there.

I am going to catch it for that, I just know it !

Shame on BlueNC

This article was obviously written by a sock salesman. Probably a damn yankee sock salesman who does not know the finest traditions of the Old South. Anyone who has trolled the beaches of North and South Carolina knows the beauty of a sockless man. How cool can one get? And you certainly do not have to be rich to know the value and beauty of going sockless. It is the height of male fashion.

A man in a blue seersucker suit wearing a white shirt, pink tie, Bass Weejuns with no socks - that is one of the coolest looks in the entire world. Forget Miami Vice. I am talking about that Ocean Drive look. That Southern country club look. No one would dare laugh at a sockless man in the real Old South. Only a damn yankee trying to force carpet bagging ways on the gentile folk of the South. It is an abomination.

Shame on BlueNC for perpetuating such filth and reprinting this odious article. You should be ashamed. Damn any man who laughs at a Southern gentlemen not wearing socks. Shoes without socks is a classic look and it will never go out of style in the South. And a true Southern Gentleman who wears shoes without socks has no business venturing much North of the Shenandoah Valley anyway.

BlueNC should strive to maintain the heritage of the true South and not be printing such obvious lies on it’s website. May the man who laughs at the sockless look rot in the pits and depths of eternal hell and damnation!

not quite

I meant to write "genteel." Must be this beer and snow. I know I am one or the other.......but not classy.

Is this a porn site now?

Anyone who has trolled the beaches of North and South Carolina knows the beauty of a sockless man.

Trolling beaches for beautiful men...

Honey, I ain't looking at the feet.

Wonder if Uncle Festzer does?

It's Raining Men!


Cruel !

Wonder if Uncle Festzer does?

Hahahahahaha You just GOTTA love it !!

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