Dallas Woodhouse stalks Kay Hagan in Wilmington

Once again (to the best of my knowledge), Art Pope's attack poodle takes to the streets:

What: Rally to Greet Senator Kay Hagan
When: Friday, March 5 th
Time: 11:00am-1: 00pm
Where: Across from the Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel
301 North Water Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

If you cannot make it to Wilmington, please forward this to friends and family who live nearby.
We've got some great groups who are freedom fighters in the cause that are involved in this rally: Campaign for Liberty, Cape Fear Tea Party Patriots, Wilmington Liberty Group, Alliance for a Better Local Economy, We the People of Brunswick County and others.

Hope to see you there,
Dallas Woodhouse
State Director
Americans for Prosperity


Move On Was There Also

Accompanied by elements of Organizing for America and the New Hanover Democratic Party. We set up across the street, and though there weren't quite as many of us, we got at least equal TV coverage.

Most of the teabaggers were from outside New Hanover County. Those people seem to be mostly just haters and kept trying to provoke us.

I have a question

Did MoveOn (and others) decide to rally there because they found out the Tea Baggers planned to show up?



If a tree falls in the woods

Please don't take this as criticism, but as food for thought:

Is it wise to possibly "typecast" yourselves as opponents to the Tea Party movement? Doesn't that give substance to their idea that they are "fighting" against something? And if it does, every time they bring out more people than you do, won't that appear (to them, anyway) as some sort of victory?

I guess another question would be: if nobody showed up to oppose Tea Party people, would they feel like they've won, or would they feel less powerful by being ignored?

I'm really just rambling here. My older son made some points in a discussion we had yesterday about not arguing with idiots, and it's been on my mind.

If A Bear Craps in the Woods

I'm really just rambling here. My older son made some points in a discussion we had yesterday about not arguing with idiots, and it's been on my mind. * Steve

And you keep stepping on it!

Do you do the following?

1. Leave the woods with a smell of Bear crap?

2. Turn in your Hunting licence and never help save the Trees?

3. Set the forest on fire and clean out the Bear along with every known living natural life for the next 20 years?

4. Shoot the Bear with a M-1 Abrams Battle Tank Missle and skin the Bear for all to see on the battle field?

5. Or settle with a peace treaty from the Bear that you will never say bad things about him to the Forest Ranger and his Bear Crap?

6. Trade the Bear to the Chicago Bears for a lower draft choice to be name later?

7. Have a Tea Party Danial Boone hunt the Bear down and carve his name on large Oak Tree in Tennessee that says
" Dan ate the Bear in 2010 and still voted Republican"

8. Finally! Ignore The Bear and leave a dead hanging skin Deer in your tent at night while you dream of a Republican Paradise to come?

In this case, I don't think

In this case, I don't think it typecasts anyone. We simply showed up with signs supporting Kay Hagan and healthcare reform and got pretty much equal time in the news. The teabaggers orchestrated it as a news event and didn't get everything they wanted. If such counterdemonstrations were the only thing we did the point would be valid, but there has been and continues to be a lot of pro healthcare reform canvassing without any opposition presence.

I would tend to agree with not arguing with idiots. The teabaggers are well beyond the pale of reason, but it seemed to me to matter that it not appear to the general public and Senator Hagan that a pack of shipped in loonies represented Wilmington. A fairly good sized band of polite, cheerful locals on the other side of the street seemed a good counter.

If we dogged their rallies we might get typecast, but we haven't. Here they were dogging one of our people.

Good points

Like I said, I was just rambling. And thanks for showing support for Kay.

It is true, you know :)


Just wanted to give you all and especially Justice confirmation that bears do, in fact, crap in the woods :)

On a more serious note..I agree with scharrison that if there is no noise made as a result of the teapartiers, they cannot say they have had much of an impact or affect.

I think that's his car

parked up on the road. He didn't make it very far into the woods, but at least he's trying to drop it on the side of the trail, instead of right in the middle. Good bear. :)

Oh !! I just saw that

HAHA. I just noticed the car at the top of the picture. You're about a nut, Steve :)

He must be "smarter than the average bear"..Think?