Wake school board doublethink

George Orwell would be proud:

"Community schools can go hand-in-hand with diversity," Tedesco told his colleagues. The district's eventual attendance plan with a community-based focus will show that, he said. Some in the community have a "false understanding" about the matter, he said.

"We value stability for families. We value parental choice, and we value diversity," Tedesco said. "They don't have to be exclusive."

Keep practicing your Newspeak, John, and you'll eventually get the hang of it.



Not to mention, their scramble to (all of a sudden) pay false homage to school diversity is due to:

a resolution that is part of a school district application for an $8 million grant to continue federal funding for magnet schools.

What's funny about this is: The antics of the new school board and their supporters (like Art Pope) have garnered national attention, so the Federal authorities who will receive this grant application are probably well aware of the anti-diversity stance of Margiotta and Tedesco.

If they lose that $8 million bucks, blame needs to be placed where blame is due.

They Don't Have to Be Exclusive

I do believe that is the point. But until someone busts the realtors in the chops for creating "exclusive" neighborhoods (you do know what that means, don't you?), diverse community schools will be an oxymoron. Housing or busing, take your choice.

The alternative is generalized purposeful ignorance.

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