Scam, scum, it's all the same

I've seen plenty of class A assholes in my short time observing North Carolina politics, but the current leadership of the NCGOP deserves a special place in hell.

Here's to you, Uncle Tom.


The N&O covers the creepiness

with a more or less even hand.

And since we're in he-said, she-said slime season, two new rumors swirled into my in-box recently. Some Thursday satire, just to show you what slippery slope we're on these days.

First is that no one in the NCGOP is gay, but that at least one top dog is instead the father of two bastard alien children living in Virginia. I give that rumor no credence, it cannot possibly be true, so I apologize to the dog and his family in advance if his feelings get hurt by this despicable gossip.

The second rumor is that the Puppetshow instigated the "gay" stories last year. I give that story no credence either. Everyone knows that Art Pope would not stoop to lying and cheating for political gain.

PS Another rumor popped up while I was writing this. It appears that Taliban Stam will be pushing for a Constitutional Amendment requiring uppity wives to submit to their all-powerful husbands. Failure to do so may result in those disrespectful women being divorced and institutionalized for mental illness.

Do you have any ridiculous rumors to share?

Ridiculous rumors to share

The dog is a "new father" in his 50s while his much younger wife is merely a beard forced upon him by the GOP overlords. It's just some rumor I heard. I apologize in advance if -- and only if -- his family is offended.

A certain someone was seen engaging in certain acts multiple times in certain steamrooms at the Y in Raleigh on Hillsborough Street. I heard this somewhere, but it could be just a rumor. I apologize in advance if -- and only if -- a certain someone or any of his partners are offended.


Ridiculous rumors

Renee Ellmers is a PPD cloning experiment, a failed attempt to turn Sarah Palin into an intellectual powerhouse.

Perhaps some truth?

The law, one of only two in the country, allows death row inmates and defendants in death penalty cases to challenge prosecutions on the grounds of racial bias. It also allows judges to consider statistics and anecdotal trends of racial disparities in death sentences, as well as testimony, to change a death sentence to life in prison without parole.

Wow. So the Racial Justice Act does NOT allow for any release from prison?

Could the NC GOP be lying in their mailers?

Say it ain't so!



Can't possibly be true. You're talkin' about the fambly values crowd. They wouldn't lie ... unless it served their political agenda.

New rumor just in. Duke Energy is paying Pat McCrory to run for governor again.

OK -- can't pass up an excuse to "gossip"

I read an article online somewhere just this past week that gossip is good for you and your organization, contrary to popular belief. So I will throw out the a rumor (heard from several folks) in Raleigh about the tennis man,

It is rumored that this player hangs out at gay bars (particularly in the Five Points area near the Rialto) in Raleigh. Has for quite a few years. Don't know if he takes his baby with him. I doubt it.

Now everyone who told me this rumor was a Democrat and their intentions in passing this along may have been questionable.

Martha Brock

This HAS to be a rumor

A gay bar in Five Points?

Are there gay bars in Five Points that I don't know about?

Oh, it could just be rumor.


New rumor

BJ Lawson wants to eliminate Social Security. I don't think this one is snark.