Boycott: Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart, Super 10 stores

The North Carolina Democratic Party is calling on Democrats and all North Carolinians who care about clean, fair elections to boycott Variety Wholesaler properties in North Carolina including Roses, Maxway, Super Dollar, Value Mart and Super 10 Stores.

More details can be found on the new webpage.



Your Twitter and Facebook links are broken, dude. Sheesh.

Democrats and Jobs

...putting one NC company out of business at a time!

A bit of hyperbole there, but really...what do you have to fear from political speech? Shouldn't that be the freest of speech?

No one is challenging Pope's right to free speech

This is just the free market at work. Pope has turned himself into the personal arbiter of how our government should run, spending his daddy's money like nobody's business.

If you think that it's okay for rich corporations to buy elections, then surely you must agree that it's okay for regular people to say "fuck this" and do whatever they can to stop the corporate takeover. Free speech cuts both ways.


Just because what he's doing is legal, doesn't make it right.

George Soros

Just to play the devil's advocate here. What about George Soros? Was it ok when he used his bazillions? If it was ok during our '08 success then why is it not ok in this instance? Just curious to see what the answers will be.

No it was not okay

And it is not okay now.

What's this "our" thing?

You got a mouse in your pocket, Scarlet?

Forgive me for doubting your status as a Democrat, but your very first post here was to defend Howard Coble, your post above is patently a Republican talking point, along the way you (supposedly) became an Elaine Marshall fan, up until she won the Primary, that is, and then you started "discovering" reasons to change your mind.

And you've periodically been offended by things that I have written, which I have really tried to take in stride, because I can be an offensive jerk from time to time. But I'm not an idiot, and neither are the bulk of the readers here.

Frakly my dear

I don't give a hoot what you think of me. I'm not so sure you are correct that my first post on here was to defend Howard Coble as a matter of fact I think it was something that was offensive to me, then James sent me a nasty email. I was just posting a tit for tat on the subject of bazillionares spending their own money. You have to always look in the mirror - in my opinion. You obviously cannot do that. And I've never called anyone an idiot on here so please don't try to project that on me.

Nasty email

You may have never called anyone an idiot, but you have called someone a shit. That someone was me.

In response, I sent you a very polite email saying I would ban you if you continued to write comments like this. Since then, you have behaved more or less admirably, which I appreciate.

That said, you are writing as an anonymous person. As such, you deserve no benefit of the doubt.

I try to avoid mirrors whenever possible

I like what's on the inside okay, it's the packaging that's all messed up. Many years ago I barely qualified as being "handsome in a homely sort of fashion", but these days I'm happy if little children don't immediately start to cry when they see me. ;)

money and politics

If the Republicans take over both houses of the legislature then Art Pope won't have to spend his personal money funding campaigns. The Republican leadership can play the Marc Basnight and company game of shaking down everyone interested in legislation for contributions to the various individual campaign committees. The leadership, which will have gerrymandered safe seats, can collect millions and make unlimited donations to the Party. The Party then selectively uses the money to help particular candidates get elected and retain control. Now that's how power and money really work and you are not forced to spend your own personal resources. I don't know which is worse - millionaires pouring their own money into campaigns or powerful elected officials gaming the system and pouring other people's money into campaigns.


I don't know which is worse - millionaires pouring their own money into campaigns or powerful elected officials gaming the system and pouring other people's money into campaigns.

Elected officials, at least, have been elected. Art Pope ran for LG and lost. Now he's running again, using his daddy's checkbook to finance the takeover.

Both patterns you describe are unfortunate, but the influence of Pope's $15 million in this election cycle is clearly and unambiguously worse. In fact, it ought to be against the law ... and the only reason it isn't is because of an activist Republican Supreme Court.

It's nothing less than a corporate coup.

How long until we see James

leading the charge/protest/dance/song/what-have-you outside the Roses in University Mall in Chapel Hill & recording his own video?

I'd watch it.


So is Scarlet double knot spy

So is Scarlet double knot spy Dap ie Foxtrot?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I don't think so

But I've been wrong on that subject before, so...


Sorry I don't know Foxtrot. I'm just me. I can't help it that I'm strong and I'm able to see both sides of the coin. Sometimes you just gotta call it like you see it and think of all sides of a problem to get the dirty out quickly then move past it. In cowboy talk that would be: heading them off at the pass.

Would it be appropriate to go

Would it be appropriate to go into a Maxway store and buy a Dixie Chicks CD?

I'm a moderate Democrat.