The circus in Raleigh gets even more dangerous

In a few weeks the new GOP majority over in Raleigh is hoping to ram through a bill that would spend millions and millions of dollars on a problem that does not exist -- but that does help them block people they don't want voting from going to the polls. Please help us spread the truth about so-called Voter ID Fraud in NC. Free flyer to download after the jump.

Here's the info contained on the flyer and you can download a pdf of it here

Think voter photo ID requirements are harmless? Take a closer look.

Do you have a parent in a rest home or a child in college? How about a friend who cannot drive? These citizens — along with tens of thousands of other North Carolinians — will find it difficult to vote under the rules of a proposed photo ID bill that addresses a problem that does not exist. Only you can stop this costly, unneeded legislation.

The Truth: Voter ID Fraud Is NOT a Problem in North Carolina.

Cases of voter fraud that a photo ID would prevent are extremely rare. In fact, only 18 votes out of the 4.3 million cast in NC in 2008 were by people pretending to be someone else. So why do GOP leaders want to spend millions of our overburdened state budget on requiring people to show a photo ID each and every time they vote? Because it would shut out voters who tend not to support their party, including people of color, students and low-income citizens. This is partisan politics at its worst: undermining democracy and using state dollars to give one political party more power over the other.

Learn the facts about voter photo ID and take action to say NO to this unnecessary legislation.

The Facts About Voter Photo ID:

♦♦ Current laws to stop voter fraud work. It’s already a felony to vote illegally in NC or to lie when you sign in to vote. Poll observers can challenge voters and ID must be shown to register in the first place. The extremely low rates of voter fraud in North Carolina make it clear that these existing laws are effective.

♦♦ This is wasted money for an unnecessary law. A voter photo ID law will cost NC millions of dollars to implement at a time when we face a nearly $4 billion budget shortfall. What will we cut to pay for this law? New job development? Support for small businesses? School teacher positions? Public safety? Services for the elderly? Our state faces gut-wrenching budget decisions and we will have to make a choice.

♦♦ Photo ID laws reduce voter turnout for everyone. A voter photo ID law will create hassles and make lines longer for everyone, lowering turn-out even more.

♦♦ Photo ID laws unfairly affect some groups more than others. The elderly, people of color, students, low income citizens and people with disabilities are all less likely to have a driver’s license and more likely to need transportation to DMV offices to update their official ID each time they move.

♦♦ Hundreds of thousands of NC citizens do not have a photo ID with their current address on it — but they are entitled to vote under the law nonetheless. Why would we take this right away?

Take Action Now! Contact your legislators and tell them to say NO to unneeded voter photo ID laws. Email Governor Perdue at or call her at 1-800-662-7952 and tell her to VETO any voter photo ID bill. Then work with us to educate others about the facts behind this ill-advised idea.

Contact us at (919) 286-6000 for copies of this flyer or to discuss other ways you can help.


Over 18 votes? That's crazy!

We're really going to spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars per fraudulent vote prevented? When this will no doubt turn away well more legitimate voters than it prevents fraudulent ones?

How can the NC GOP make any claim to fiscal responsibility when they're willing to drop millions on partisan agendas like this, and possibly pursuing a constitutional marriage discrimination amendment (that is already redundant & pointless with the existing laws in place).

That's the plan

When this will no doubt turn away well more legitimate voters than it prevents fraudulent ones?

They will likely be younger, less affluent, recent arrivals and minority voters. That's why the Tarheel Taliban is targeting them.

I'm willing to bet..

...that more than 18 under-age adults used a photo ID to buy booze, or more than 18 kids under 16 used a photo ID to buy smokes!

Unless the GOP is going to radically increase the number of places that issue state IDs, this will just be another unfunded mandate.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

BTW, do you have a

legislative fiscal note or other break down of the costs that I could be linked to?

Some cost info:

Here you go, Jake: the url takes you to an article about the national perspective on voter id that includes some cost analysis. I'll quote the paragraph about Missouri's experience below and include the link to their legislative oversight committee's findings ($6 million the first year; $4 million a year for the next two years). Keep in mind that there is more involved than just the cost of proving ID's to those who cannot afford them -- something the Supreme Court mandated. On top of that, you have to include the cost of training poll workers in the new rules, more poll workers to deal with the longer lines that result and more administrative staff to deal with the paperwork (for example, provisional ballots go up and since absentee ballots are typically exempted from the ID requirements, the number of people using that option goes up). In contrast, if you were concerned about voter fraud of all kinds, not just voter ID, you could hire three more investigators for the State Board of Elections at a cost of about $160k to $200K a year and send them out into the field to investigate and help prosecute fraud. Way more efficient.

"....the Supreme Court's 2008 decision in Crawford v. Marion County upheld a voter-ID law in Indiana but required states to provide IDs to those who could not afford them. By the time a state has provided free identification for anyone who needs it, educated voters, and trained poll workers on the new requirement, a voter-ID program will have cost millions of dollars, much of that a recurring expense each year. For example, Missouri's Committee on Legislative Research found that implementing a photo-ID law would cost Missouri close to $6 million in the first year and around $4 million in its second and third years."

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

I'm trying to bring this discussion

I'm trying to bring this discussion to several of my college peers who are the "show me the numbers" types, so this will help for sure. Thanks!

I just had an idea! re: DemNC & Voter ID

As dangerous as that might be.

I was just sharing this info on facebook, on other blogs, and on a college student message board.

But it just occurred to me, since I am a student at NCSU (even if it is my last semester as a graduate student), to ask a Student Government representative to bring this up before student government, so that they can start having discussions on how to prevent student disenfranchisement.

I've already got someone from NCSU to agree to bring it up. I know some people in UNC student gov too, I'll ask them too to see what they can do. It would be cool if Democracy NC could use any student contacts it has at all the colleges around the state to get their Student Governments to start officially looking into this.

That would be great, Jake!

Thanks for bringing this subject up with the student government associations, Jake. The details of the bill still haven't been released, but my guess is that requiring a photo government ID will just prove too expensive even for the people introducing the bill and that there may be a provision that showing your voter registration card is an alternative. If that's the case, then student groups will need to register students much earlier than they usually do, to allow time for the cards to absolutely positively get there... or maybe take advantage of Same Day Registration en masse as a way to make sure students are not disenfranchised.

We have a Campus Guide to Voting and could revise it to include strategies to make sure students get a chance to vote under any new rules. I'll put that down now as something we need to address should this bill pass.

In the meantime, just a reminder that people can take action to say no to the bill by going to:

Thanks for thinking of this!

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Enjoy going to the DMV?

The NCGOP wants to make voting as much fun as a visit to the DMV.

As one of their first acts, the NCGOP intends to introduce bureaucracy and burdensome regulation in between you and your vote.

NCGOP politicians prioritize saving their job before protecting North Carolina jobs.

Voter Fraud is a Fraud on Public

See Andrew Serwer in WashPost in Oct 2010 (
Voter Fraud is an old Republican trick borrowed from the Southern Democrats of the late 1800s and early 1900s where every attempt was made to suppress the votes of blacks and poor people. When the Democrats came over to the Republicans in the time of the Republican Strategy, they brought this disease with them. In fact many Republicans seem to really believe in voter fraud despite the extremely low incidence of same. They would cheat, so they are convinced others are doing it. Besides, why let those people of color and poor folks affect elections since they don't own anything.