Naive Democrat co-sponsors voucher bill

Via Binker's Capital Beat:

Brandon said he supports public schools and wants to make sure the tax credit won’t hurt public schools funding.

“And so this allows us to at least get in the conversation, maybe, as long as other side … protects public schools in addition to this,” Brandon said.

Have you been living under a rock, Marcus? Not only has the "other side" not lifted a finger to protect public schools or the estimated 6,000 teachers about to be fired, they're actively pursuing the dissolution of said schools, and this bill is a big part of that pursuit.


Side debate re: discrimination

Not mentioned in my commentary above is what's missing from the bill, which should have raised the eyebrows of the second openly gay member of the General Assembly: The bill mentions nothing about qualifications of the schools themselves, specifically whether or not they can refuse acceptance of students based on sexual preference, gender, religion, etc.

I brought this concern to Rep. Brandon's attention

via facebook and this is what he had to say:

Jake that is a good question, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will make sure that we definitely look into this.

If I hear anything else I'll post again. But it was pretty cool to post on an elected officials facebook, and in a matter of hours to get a response.

My interactions with most elected officials are automated e-mail responses a few days or weeks after I contact them (see Senator Hagan), and phone answerers who promise to pass along my message or concern. With Burr I usually get a standardized response letter in the mail a month or two after I contact him. So this was a nice change of pace, especially if a follow up message comes once he looks into it.

That is pretty cool

I'm sure Rep. Brandon's intentions were good, and I'm sure he's seen evidence of good alternative schools in action. But he's giving credit where credit is not due.

Regardless of what the propagandists say, this legislation would take (a lot of) money out of the public schools just when they can least afford it, making a bad situation even worse. And with Marcus signing on, this reckless move can now be dubbed a "bi-partisan effort", lending it even more credibility when it deserves none at all.


To quote Forrest Gump, "Momma always said, stupid is as stupid does."
His GA website lists his occupation as a "political consultant." I hope that no Ds seek out this guy's advice.
Did NCAE endorse him last year?

Michael J. Gould, MS, FIOPL
Member, SEANC Board of Governors
Member, NDP SEC

I couldn't find a list

at NCAE's website, but he doesn't have them listed as an endorser. He does have Guilford County Association of Educators listed though, and I'd be real curious to see if he had to fill out a questionnaire to get that and, if so, if any mention of vouchers was on there.

p.s. sorry it took me so long, but I had a (big) child in the emergency room for a pinched nerve. Which is apparently communicable, because now my nerves are pinched. ;o


The combined enrollment for home schools and private schools in NC is about 178,000. At $2,500 a head that represents a giveaway of $445 million.