NC GOP continues its attack on embattled citizenry

Garnishing their plate of poisonous legislation:

State Rep. Timothy Moore (R-Kings Mountain) has introduced a bill that would allow credit card companies and collection agencies to take a portion of an individual’s paycheck to pay off debt judgments.

That's real nice. They want tort reform to (further) limit the relief citizens can obtain from above via NC courts, and now they also want to help corporate loan sharks take food off a family's table. And if there's not enough left to pay the mortgage, don't expect any help to avoid foreclosure and homelessness.

Here's some text from the legislation itself:

The earnings of the debtor for his the debtor's personal services, at any time within 60 days next preceding the order, cannot be so applied when it appears, by the debtor's affidavit or otherwise, that these earnings are necessary for the use of a family supported wholly or partly by his that are less than or equal to 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage per work week or seventy‑five percent (75%) of the debtor's net income, whichever is greater, shall not be subject to attachment or garnishment."

As you can see, the needs of the family have been struck out. Which is a fitting and symbolic metaphor for how the Republicans approach governance.


Not for Criminal Costs Though

Great post. What they forgot to include was the ability to pay fines, court costs, victim restitution, probation supervision fees through the same manner.

It seems that the republicans care more about BofA than they do an assault victim getting their restitution. Guess crime still pays for them.

Maybe they can set up debtors prisons with the next bill. Hey Skip, you can be the warden!

Michael J. Gould, MS, FIOPL
Member, SEANC Board of Governors
Member, NDP SEC

What about me?

I loaned a guy $10,000 four years ago and he hasn't paid me back yet. Will I be able to garnish his wages, tap his paycheck, to get my money back? If not, why not? Why should a company have rights and privileges that I as an individual citizen do not have?

Will these corporatist a$$holes never stop screwing regular people?

You're a second-class citizen, now

Since the birth of the corporate person, who is (as we all know) a more important person in our society, the die has been set. You can't tailor a jacket to fit two people, you gotta choose. The rest of us just need to be satisfied with whatever crumbs of liberty fall through the cracks.