Little Hoods

John Hood and I both went to the UNC School of Journalism at Chapel Hill. I look back and see the J-School as a formative experience that shaped my ability to think critically and write a decent sentence. John looks back and sees "an approximation" of college . . . a liberal bastion of political correctness worthy of disdain because faculty members don't buy his particular brand of bullshit.

I read John Hood's particular brand of bullshit often enough to say this: It's no wonder most the faculty thinks he's a nutcase. Like the king at most conservative think tanks, he's not interested in thinking at all, but rather in proving he's right about whatever he happens to believe at the time.

But never fear. According to John's latest rant, he's raising his kids to be capable of "resisting the nonsense and learning useful things when their time comes," but it still bothers him "that they’ll have to do so much of the learning on their own – and in spite of the efforts of the faculty supposedly there to assist them."

Wonder what he'll do if they actually start thinking and discover their daddy's a wacko?


The little wingers might turn out ok...

if they were born with any compassion at all. It's a quality that simply can't be learned. You either have it or you don't.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Compassion can, in fact, be learned. Even by children who saw precious little of it in most of their childhood. I speak from experience, working to teach compassion to a child who was cheated of it.

Conversely, unfortunately, hate can be learned, too. Look up the band "Prussian Blue" if you have any doubts about that.