Former Asheville Democrat Rep. Bruce Goforth switches party. Goes to work for GOP.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Democratic lawmaker defeated in last year's primaries is joining the staff of North Carolina's Republican House speaker.

Former Asheville Rep. Bruce Goforth will become an adviser to Speaker Thom Tillis on jobs and economic issues. His first day will be Friday. He'll make $60,000 a year.



Enough said.

Suck that gummint teat, Bruce Goforth!

And doesn't this just demolish the argument that progressives have to hold their nose and vote for conservaDems because the electorate is just too darn conservative?

Empahsis mine.

Goforth is a general contractor who served in the House for four terms and was a Democratic majority whip. Patsy Keever defeated Goforth in last May's primary and now holds his former seat.

Why, yes. Yes it does.



Go Patsy!