More on Moore

It looks like (looks like, mind you) Richard Moore signed up for a free Google blog to tout his plan for a dollar increase in the minimum wage. (Thanks to sharont for the link!) I've got just a couple of thoughts about that.

First, it seems strange to me that a professional politician would use a free blog platform when he could pay consultants thousands to build the same thing from scratch. Don't get me wrong: if Moore isn't above getting down with Blogger I'll consider that a plus. Just seems kinda unusual.

Second (and more seriously), the site has no credentials. There's no link to an author profile (each post is by "One Dollar More Coalition"), nor is there any other contact information. The "petition" links point to a free guestbook site. There's a picture of Moore that points to I think it's the work of a fan. I'll let you know if I hear different.


Could it be the case of a

miser that lives with no heat and dies with millions? Is the treasurer just trying to save the state some thousands of dollars?

Or, just a fan.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Maybe just testing the waters?

Or perhaps he paid thousands of dollars to a consultant who sold him a bill of goods?

Velly intellesting.