They're Stealing "No" Signs Here in Moore County

Today's Pilot Newspaper reports that over 250 anti Amendment One signs put out by a single individual have been stolen.

Thomas said the only other report of stolen signs was filed on April 6 by Michael Edwards, who reported that 50 of his anti-Amendment One signs were missing.

Since the report was made, Edwards said more signs have been taken.

“I have put up about 250 signs and every single one of them has been taken,” Edwards said Tuesday.

It further reports that an arrest in the thefts is pending.

The female suspect, who had her young daughter in the car at the time of the incident, is likely to be charged with larceny of signs and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Thomas said.

In the comments section a person claiming to be her husband chimes in


I am the husband of this great lady and very proud of her and my 4 children that have been raised in church.they have also been taught that two people of the same sex to be together is a SIN and an a abomination unto GOD. The LORD GOD will deal with all that are against his word on the day of judgement and will be cast into a lake of fire! its not stealing its a statement to the gays that MOORE CO. IS AGAINST SAME SEX MARRIAGE! you go honey i love you and so does GOD!!!!

No further commentary is necessary...



First, thanks for adding in the link. I had forgotten that.

Also, they've named the suspect now. According to her Facebook page, she "likes" both Equality NC" AND "Vote for Marriage NC." I can only wonder if she has "collected" signs from both sides of the issue.

You're welcome

I don't mind chasing links down from time to time. It helps keep my Internet detective skills honed to a butterknife edge. ;)

As far as "liking" opposites on Facebook, Twitter, etc., some do that just to keep an eye on their foes and/or get accepted as friends on blocked pages.


Lots of money is being spent on signs pro and against. I strongly doubt that their presence of absence had much to do with the outcome. I'd feel lots better about the prospects for defeating the Amendment if I thought the number of signs against represented a strong voting consensus. I'd feel better if I thought the number of editorials against the amendment were being read by undecided voters. But this seems to be one of those issues people decide upon without recourse to reason.

It's very depressing, very discouraging, and again, stokes bitterness against the far too numerous people who think that their vote can't possible make a difference.

Against signs stolen - check

This moment in history brought to you by the Tarheel Taliban Local 3:15, Moore Co.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Damaging, vandalizing or

Damaging, vandalizing or stealing signs is a political reality. It doesn't do much good to complain. That said, I saw more signs stolen in 08 than ever. I saw more vandalism (the hate for Bob Etheridge over his health care vote was unbelievable) in 10 than I have ever seen before. I think it had a lot to do with racism in 08 and the teapublicans in 10. I guess in 12 it's about homophobia.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Keep the signs up!

I hope we can see pro-equality artifacts up even after the election. HRC has those little yellow and blue square equals sign stickers that they usually send out cheap or free, there are lots of websites online where you can order everyone welcome here type signs/stickers for houses/businesses/offices/campuses etc, and rainbow stickers too. I wonder if White Rabbit is still open in Charlotte, they might have stuff too. I know lots of towns have little knick-knack shops that have pro-equality signs and stickers. Sojo in Greenville, Camerons (and many others) in Chapel Hill, and lots of other towns have 'em too. I think taking that little step to help create a pro-equality atmosphere in ones town really does help, and show people there are safe locations, and supportive people in their town. Or if you can't get a pro-equality sticker/sign that way, maybe just leave an anti-amendment sign up in your yard or window at least through November to show, if it passes, that you're still against it and haven't forgotten about it.

News at 6

She made WRAL

She claims she was just "picking up trash" and it turns out she had he daughter jumping out of the car to grab the signs.

Hard to go a day without at

Hard to go a day without at least one or two good rationalizations. She also uses the always popular, "they're doing it too."

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Every time she opens her mouth

It just gets better

“I completely believe it was the right thing to do,” Thompson said. “Breaking the law, if you do it for God, makes it right.”

“We stand for what we believe in,” she said. “We are a strong faith family, whether you see it as stealing, or however society sees it, I see it as standing for what I believe in, God.”

And now she's blaming the whole thing on her daughter

Thompson said at the time she and her daughter decided to take the signs as a retaliatory measure for stolen pro-Amendment One signs.

“My daughter said, ‘Hey, momma, let’s pick those signs up. They’ve been taking ours down,’ So we picked them up.”

This poor woman needs some help