The Struggle for Integrity in the NCGOP Continues

The NCGOP has been beset in recent years by a cadre of wealthy idealogues (incl. Pope, Cobey) who believe the state party should be characterized by rigid adherence to their ideas. The most controversial element of the crusade has been an effort to purge the party of those who don't fit the mold, including Speaker Pro Tempore Richard Morgan. In 2004, the state party spent many thousands of dollars to unseat sitting Republicans and replace them with loyalists. And they plan to do it again this year.

Now some local Republicans are fighting back, demanding that the state party respect their right to choose their own candidates. The latest group to fight back are the Moore county Republicans:

The resolution adopted Saturday calls for the [NCGOP's] State Plan of Organization to be amended to say that the state finance committee “shall not, directly or indirectly, raise or collect funds for the benefit of any candidates in primary elections, nor shall said committee pay any funds to any candidates in primary elections.

Payments may be made to candidates by said committee only to candidates in general elections.”

It also asks that the State Plan be amended to read that: “Each officer and each member of the State Executive Committee, and said committee in its entirety, shall refrain from utilizing the powers and dignity of his, her or their office or position in any Republican Primary for public office at any level.”

Adoption of the resolution is unlikely to have any effect on the state committee or the State Plan of Organization because no meetings are scheduled prior to the May primaries.

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It's a question that I suppose every state party has to answer: will it operate from from the top down and represent the political will of the urban elite? Or will it be run from the grassroots up and represent the voices of local party members?


Moore County hypocrisy

It is interesting that the Moore County GOP wants the state GOP to stay out of its local primaries, but isn't holding Richard Morgan to the same standard by asking him to stay out of other counties' primaries.

I don't want to be too snarky

without knowing more about Moore's activities, but he's a man (as opposed to an institution). His political activities outside his role as legislator are his to control. The NCGOP ought to represent North Carolina Republicans, which responsibility probably should not lead to their skewing local elections.

One other thing: hypocricy is when you profess beliefs that you don't hold. To the best of my knowledge, Moore Co. Republicans aren't mucking about in other counties' elections.

A Republican Visitor on Richard Morgan

I’m just visiting for the first time. But I could not let a few factual errors go uncorrected, even before we get to the opinions.

First, it is simply not true that the NC Republican Party in 2004 “spent many thousands of dollars to unseat sitting Republicans . . . .” The NCGOP was neutral in 2004. The Richard Morgan faction, with his consultant Paul Shumaker, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on one side of several Republican primaries, while the anti-Morgan Republicans supported the other side. Most of the Morgan/Shumaker candidates lost, though Morgan held on to win his own primary by 51% of the vote. But, in 2004, the NCGOP was neutral.

Second, the primary fight is not about the purging those who do not “fit the mold.” It was about Republicans believing that Republican Legislators should support the Republican Caucus nominee for Speaker, and offer alternatives to the Democratic Party’s leadership and policies. I am sure all of you Democrats were happy to have Richard Morgan’s “bipartisan” support in 2003 that left Jim Black and the Democrats in control fo the House, had Morgan and a few Republicans vote for the sales tax increase, and vote for the gerrymandered redistricting plan that favors Democrats. But, surely you can understand why a lot of Republicans thought that when Republicans won the majority of the 2002 state wide vote for NC House, and won the majority of 61 seats, that they should get a chance to govern. But thanks to Re[ublicans like Richard Morgan and Mike Decker going over to Jim Black, they never got the chance. Instead, we got four more years of Jim Black’s “pay to play” governance, with his partner Richard Morgan as Co-Speaker, and now Speaker Pro Tem.The main point is that is a lot more fundamental issue to fight a primary over than not fitting a mold.

Third, the NC Republican Party is not operating from the “top down.” The Republican Party’s elected 2003 Convention Delegates condemn Richard Morgan by an adopted resolution, as did the Republican Party’s elected Executive Committee in 2004 and 2005, with all resolutions passing by overwhelming votes.

The 2005 resolution did authorize the state Republican Party to intervene in the Richard Morgan primary. If Republican’s want to win a majority in the NC House, then they must defeat Richard Morgan first, or otherwise they would just get another Jim Black-Richard Morgan Democrat Coalition in 2007.

In short, through its bottom up elected leaders, the Republican Party is going to try and defeat in Richard Morgan in a primary election. We Republicans are trying to take care of our problem. What is the Democrat Party going to do about Jim Black?


Ditto what SD said

BlueNC is "blue" and sometimes that corresponds with Dems . . . but often always . . . especially when any of our three principles are at risk: integrity, competence and the common good.

If you read our site carefully, you'll find we're eager for Black to be removed or step down. But we are not the Democratic party and we have no control in the matter. We are simply progressives who share your concerns about integrity.

That said, we see few Republicans whose principled stands embrace competence, integrity and a concern for the common good. From all I can tell personally, you guys hate government with a passion. Which makes it very hard to imaging that you'd be good at it.

And thanks for stopping by.

This may very well be the most articulate thing I've ever read from anyone on the right side of the aisle . . .

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We aren't necessarily Jim Black fans here. Oh and Welcome Republican visitor. Sadly, Dems won't get a chance to do anything at the poll unless we vote for a Republican and I just don't know if I can promote that with everything that is at stake now. If there is the least little bit of a chance that a Republican majority in the NC House would mean a threat to reproductive choice and access to adequate medicaid benefits, then I can't promote voting for Republicans for any office outside of local offices.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.