Tillis tries to cash-in on Blueprint memo

Never miss an opportunity to fleece your donors:

House Speaker Thom Tillis is using the strategy memo as a way to raise money. The Republican leader sent a fundraising solicitation Friday, less than a day after the story broke. “We are only three weeks into the legislative session and ultra-liberal organizations, in partnership with the Democratic Party and Democratic legislative leaders have vowed to ‘cripple’ me,” he writes.

Dude, if we could actually get the NCDP, Democratic legislative leaders and Progressive organizations to partner on anything, it would be much more newsworthy than this poorly-thought-out memo. And what the hell does "Ultra Liberal" mean, anyway? We don't have "regular" Liberals here in North Carolina with an extremist fringe. We have Dixiecrats and corporate rats, and anybody to the left of them is what I would call "sane and enlightened."


These guys...

...enjoy paranoia.


Another amateurish attempt by Tillis to channel Lee Atwater and Karl Rove's tactics. Accuse your opponent of doing what you yourself have been doing all along. That smear job Thom Thumb and Booger did to Bev Perdue was ridiculous.

David Esmay

In all honesty

In all honesty you need to add another name to the smear job done on Bev. That would be Bev's name herself. We have to consider the possibility that Bev had a little something to do with her own demise. Her detractors were good but not that good.


"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)

McCrory founded right wing non-profit 9 years ago.

Is this cognitive dissonance or just plain old hypocrisy?

Gov. Pat McCrory was a charter member of RSLLA, a non-profit group that grew out of the Republican Governors Association, a group that promotes a conservative agenda.

The RSLLA, the Republican State and Local Leaders Association was formed 9 years ago by a letter signed July 12, 2004, by Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio, Mayor Pat McCrory and four other conservative leaders, for the sole purpose of supporting conservative causes. This non-profit had no other purpose than to promote the right wing agenda, and to attack liberal causes.

Nine years ago, and he is still a member.

Pat McCrory is a charter member of RSLLA himself. The sole purpose of the RSLLA is to promote Conservative legislation and causes. How can he object to other non-profits expressing opinions? Is free speech only granted to Republicans now in NC?

This fit of vapors and pearl clutching by the GOP about a memo from a liberal non-profit supporting liberal causes (but not candidates) is laughable. Gov. Pat McCrory was instrumental in forming one himself, nine years ago, and is still a member.

But remember, for years he was vocally against taxpayers paying private firms incentives to locate in NC, until he was for it.