NC GOP gets cash from Oklahoma gambling machine dealer

A last-minute boost of $30,000, to be exact, bringing the contributions of Chase Burns of Anadarko Oklahoma to the NC GOP up to a whopping $55,000 for this cycle:

Update: The NC GOP's cash man has been arrested in Florida:

Chase Egan Burns, 37, faces charges in Florida that include racketeering and conspiracy, according to The Associated Press. Burns was arrested Tuesday. Court documents say Burns claimed money put into his gambling machines would be donated to the charity Allied Veterans, but the group received less than 1 percent of the proceeds, The AP reported.

Words like "disgusting" and "revolting" just don't seem to cover it.

Bret Burns is the district attorney for Caddo County and the brother of Chase Burns, who operates an Anadarko-based company, OK Coin, that supplied games to an Interstate 40 travel plaza in Hinton. Hinton and Anadarko both are located in Caddo County. Burns said he didn't know his brother supplied electronic games within his district and said his brother has told him most of his business is in Alabama and South Carolina.

And soon to be in North Carolina as well, apparently. Why else would some guy from Oklahoma give $55,000 to NC Republicans? And considering the timing, the NC GOP probably asked him for it, so they could spend another $110,000 in "in kind" contributions for Pat McCrory, since Chase and his wife Kristin maxed out on their contributions directly to Pat. If you'll excuse me, I need to take a long, hot shower.


Chase Burns

He also now has expanded to Florida

This is what I mean

by their full embrace of the culture of corruption and greed. If King Arthur had a shred of integrity, he'd distance himself from these crooks ... but he won't. After years of complaining about shady Democrats, his preferred approach is clear.

Thom the Rambling Gambling Man has gone clamo, silent, nada,

McCrory, lawmakers donate campaign money received from sweepstakes owner caught in gambling probe

(but Thom the Rambling Gambling Man has gone clamo, silent, nada, zilch, no comment)

Republican legislative caucus officials, who received the largest donations, did not return messages seeking comment.

More to this story than being reported...the owner of International Internet Technologies and a key player in North Carolina’s elusive video sweepstakes games, faces charges that include racketeering and money laundering in connection with an investigation into the Allied Veterans of the World charity. So far the investigation has led to more than 50 arrests and the resignation of Florida’s lieutenant governor.

Why won't Thom Tillis return calls regarding the probe of campaign contributions from busted video poker sweepstakes boss. Republican Legislative Caucus $55,000 WOW! That's a haul.

Thom, the phone's ringing, it's the press they want to know what your involvement in video poker campaign contributions....Thom, hello.... are you hiding in your office?......Double Diamond Jim Black answered his phone when they inquired about his involvment in illegal video poker...Thom helloooooo.......will you answer to where the video poker campaign contributions are from the guy that just got busted.

Click Video Link of Thom The Gambling Man's explaination for his deafening silence on the video poker contributions issue:

Let us not go too far

If we remove all the "tainted" cash from campaigns how much will we have left? Eight dollars. Please don't take the fun out of politics. Figuring out how to get "tainted" money to your man or woman is half the fun.

Where's there a will, there's is a way. Who said that? Tupac?