Civitas exploiting mug shots of Moral Monday protestors

Progress NC reports that Civitas is using mug shots of individuals arrested during the Moral Monday protests as a "game" on their website.

Update: I looked at the site more closely - the site also includes information on each protestor that's not available from the arrest records available to the public (name, date of birth, charge). Civitas is offering as a downloadable spreadsheet or searchable database information on the protestors that includes the name of their employer, their voter registration information, address, and affiliation with any groups - data that they would have had to research on each individual through the web or Facebook pages. More details in this comment on James's post about the site.

"This is troubling from a group whose supporters include far right extremists in favor of loose regulation of gun ownership, among other things," says Progress NC and I would agree.

In their "pick a protestor" game you're presented with mugshots and asked to identify if they're umemployed, where they're from, their profession, etc.

It's a not-so-subtle way to intimidate the protestors that have been arrested and dehumanize them. On a more disturbing level, it looks like a way for a gun-nut to memorize faces and build up some anger if they're inclined to go out and do harm.

This is a tactic that's similar to what the NY Police Department used against individuals that were protesting the police department's "stop and frisk" policies last year.

Let's not forget the abortion activists who distributed "wanted" posters for abortion doctors that included addresses and other information.

Or how about similar tactics used against Civil Rights leaders by hate groups like the KKK in the 50s and 60s?

What do you think? Is this Civitas effort a harmless "game"?


Truly Failed Representation

Civitas claims the protestors do not represent a cross-section of NC voters?

Hmmm - they don't seem to have an issue with that when over 50% of NC votes went to Democratic US Rep candidates, yet 9 of 13 Reps from NC are GOP....

Pope Retaliation

Art Pope and his Koch Klux Klan are out to get those people protesting their rights as citizens under the Constitution. It appears they are targeting us for possible retribution. I didn't make the list since I was arrested on 6/17,but their Gestapo tactics indicate attacks will continue unless our judicial system stops these criminalsN

McCrory,Pope and Wos have an affinity to repress the poor.Thank goodness Representative Price confirmed the contingency funds were sent to the DHHS from the USDA and should carry through to the end of October.
These so-called leaders reached a new lo

Sadly those of us on the left

Sadly those of us on the left are in a lose lose situation here because we are SANE.
We can not do the same to them, we would not harm them in anyway, would not shoot them, burn down their homes etc.
Yet we are talking about religious zealots with guns.

There is nothing on the planet more dangerous than religious zealots with guns, they are insane and have no moral compass whatsoever.
When they have totalitarian control of the state and federal government and courts then we lose, period, because we will have zero legal peaceful recourse.

I have a feeling sooner or later if these zealots continue on this same vile hate filled and insane path that even the meek and mild mannered and sane peaceniks are going to rise up.
Even the mouse fights back against the Eagle when cornered, sadly that is what it is going to take for us to do so.

In reality this should be 100% illegal and they should be prosecuted, yet nothing will ever happen to them so they will continue.
I just hope I can get to a Blue State (Oregon) before it gets any worse.

My comment on the Civitas article was ...

Thank you for recognizing the heroic actions of the Moral Monday protesters!! Big applause to those folks for standing up to the Tarheel Taliban now running the show in Raleigh.

I really hope the AG actually does something about this, but, failing that, I hope the media rips Pope and his Civitas minions a new one. I am not holding my breath on Cooper taking on this dragon.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

I don't feel the angst.

My first reaction on seeing this game on Facebook yesterday was amazement that Civitas, of all places, would provide us with the listing of our heros. Not outsiders, or uncivil hippies, but professionals, people like Dr. Bruce Alexander, for Pete's sake. Where is anything but pride in standing with that group?

Second, I was pleased to note that 85% of the people polled by UNC in the crowd on the Mall were employed, retired, students or otherwise respectable North Carolinians. The demographics almost exactly reflect the state's.

We should thank Civitas for giving us the means to thank each one personally, and as Democrats. There is nothing intimidating about this at all, it is a source of pride. Show them our appreciation and love.

Mixed feelings

I agree with you that it's ironic that Civitas, of all people, would bring attention to a group of people that are to be applauded for exercising their right to protest the very ideas that Civitas opposes.

I still think that the format is dehumanizing and threatening - particularly when it's presented with data about individuals with addresses, employers and such.

Here's a challenge for progressives supporting Moral Monday. How about a website where the individuals have a "regular" photo of themselves and where they tell a little about their individual motivations for protesting?

There needs to be a way to diffuse what Civitas is doing and turn it into something truly positive - rehumanize the people who are "just another mugshot" at Civitas.

Judging from blog and media coverage I'm seeing, the effort's fallen flat. The attention's focused more on Civitas's tactic coming off like the worst parts of what hate groups were doing in the South fifty years ago, rather than the charts and "data" about the protestors they're trying to promote. Bloomberg Business called it "lame". And, of course, I've not seen any indication that extremist conservatives feel strongly enough to rally for counter-protests in support of McPope's policies.

The searchable and downloadable database of the protestors still concerns me a great deal. In the early 1990s, I was involved in some relitively minor LGBT political work in the state and was the recipient of threatening phone calls not only to myself, but to my parents, slashed tires and damage to my car, and even phone calls that were made to my employer.

The whole thing was caused by just one religious nutcase that saw my name in a paper and just used a phone book and some asking around to find out about my family and my place of employment. This wasn't in some conservative backwater in NC. It was in one of the state's supposedly more liberal metro areas.

I was lucky. I found out by accident who was doing it. The police couldn't prove anything so I could file charges, but they stopped when the police got involved.

If you've been through that yourself, you don't want to see it happen to someone else. And the way that Civitas is handing out personal info like candy to strangers should give everyone pause. Things are much more polarized than they were twenty years ago.

Should it discourage others from participating in Moral Mondays? No. But they should be prepared to keep themselves safe, document anything that might happen, and to not hesitate to call the police if they're threatened in any way.


Nice idea.

Might I suggest

a Facebook page, something along the lines of "Moral Monday Veterans" and ask all who feel so inclined to post their personal motivation for participating.

It's be a lot quicker and easier to do than a website, but might be a nightmare to administer.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail