Daily Kos on Tim Dunn

Kos put together a Fighting Dem bio of Tim Dunn over at the Daily Kos. It's a great one-page introduction to the candidate; check it out!



The Air America Interview is out

Being circulated now via MP3.

It's just the last few minutes of the show, with most of the interview being Dunn defending being a democrat and fun little "suuprise, suuprise" Gomer Pyle moments demonstrating his "passion" for the Iraq war like this:

"I literally got down on my knees and prayed to God we'd find weapons of mass destruction."

The live blog listener comments appear to have gotten to Seder who ended the show early with a little debate on 'litmus tests' for Dems, saying he personally doesn't care if Dunn is anti-choice since the only 'litmus test' for our district should be CAFTA.

Which begs the question in a primary between a military veteran and a textile veteran, what Sam's point could have possibly been since Air America obviously has a 'litmus test' for the only kind of primary candidates they promote - military vets.

The November debate I want to see is a textile mill owner that flip-flopped on CAFTA versus a textile mill worker who's planted closed and went to Honduras.

Not that Sam Seder is all that bright to begin with, but this isn't exactly rocket science.