Duke Energy may be negligent polluters

but at least they're not a corporate bully who engages in extortion of their customers.

Oh, wait, scratch that.

“We knew we had paid it,” said customer Billy McCorquodale. "I noticed that it was lots more than it normally was, and I said, ‘Hey, something is wrong. Something's not jiving here.’”

His bill included a past due amount of $135.60.

“So, we called them,” McCorquodale said. “They come up with the fact, ‘Well, it takes time for a check to go through the bank’ rah rah rah this and that.”

McCorquodale’s canceled check proves it was cashed two days before the bill was due. He faxed a copy to Duke Energy. On his next bill, there was still no credit. McCorquodale was told to pay again, right away, to keep his power on. So, he paid $135.60 twice.

Yeah, that's right. Duke Energy made a mistake, told a customer to pay an exorbitant late fee because of their mistake, then told him to pay the late fee again and threatened to cut off his electricity if he didn't.


Duke's arrogance

If you don't do their bidding, they threaten to cut off your power.

And has anyone else noticed that the ads they ran after they fouled our rivers contained not-so-subtle reminders that they're the ones who supply your electricity, so don't cross them?

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