Rewriting history care of the Koch Brothers

A little more freedom for teachers to choose:

The state school board on Thursday approved a state Department of Public Instruction document expanding recommended sources for the history course beyond material from the Bill of Rights Institute. The institute gets funding from David Koch, his brother Charles Koch's foundation and a family foundation. The Kochs are major donors to tea party and libertarian groups.

The state education agency is now encouraging teachers to pull materials on America's founding principles from sources that also include the National Humanities Center, the Library of Congress and the state Bar Association.

Which they should have been encouraged to do from the start. The taxpayers should never have footed the bill for a $100,000 contract with an astro-turf organization in the first place, and if there are still any dollars flowing to this "institute" the faucet needs to be turned off.



The Kochs want to

The Kochs want to indoctrinate everyone in their business beliefs in the hope that voters will give them everything they want.

Yep, their vision of America

is more feudal than democratic, and if they can condition future voters to have a Pavlovian reaction to words like "liberty" and "free enterprise," it will be much easier to stack Congress with business-friendly Republican puppets.