Unfortunate Changes to HB 465

Unfortunate changes were made this morning to HB 465. Other legislation proposed by Democrats, Sen Jeff Jackson amongst them, has been lumped into the Extend-Waiting-Period-For-An-Abortion bill, putting all Democrats at NCGA in the unfortunate position of potentially voting against good measures or voting for the 72 hour waiting period. Either of which could be used against them in the next election

The bill has also been given a new and wonderful name:

Women and Children's Protection Act of 2015.

Who would want to vote against that!

This newly created monstrosity would

Define statutory rape as engaging in a sexual act with a person who is 15 years old or younger

Make administrative changes to improve collection and payment of child support to families

permit electronic filing of documents in Chapter 50B and 50C cases under local rules approved by the AOC or under any uniform state rules adopted by the Supreme Court

make it an aggravating sentencing factor to knowingly commit an offense that is seen or heard by a minor who is not an accomplice to the offense

clarify that an assault is committed "in the presence of a minor" when the minor can see or hear the assault

permit the court to impose conditions of pretrial release in domestic violence cases to protect persons the defendant is dating or has dated

require registered sex offenders to stay away from premises frequented by minors if they committed federal crimes or crimes in other States that are substantially similar to sex offenses under State Law

create a Maternal Mortality Review Committee within DHHS to study and recommend ways to prevent deaths resulting from complications of pregnancy or childbirth

require annual inspection by DHHS of clinics where abortions are performed and publication of the results of such inspections conducted on or after January 1, 2013 on DHHS' Web site and on the "Women's Right to Know Act" Web site, and prohibit such clinics from employing persons less than 18 years of age

require physicians who perform abortions other than in a medical emergency to be board certified or certifiable in obstetrics or gynecology and to report certain information to DHHS

increase to 72 hours the waiting period for women who voluntarily consent to an abortion

make other technical and conforming changes

Can you guess which party suggested each of the statements above????



Ugh. Legislative blackmail

Taking their cues from (US) House Republicans, our jackasses have taken up the banner of, "If you want this, then you have to take this."


Protecting women? Ha!

The newly created monstrosity includes some other Bad Things - a stipulation that only Ob-Gyns can do abortions - which are done by all kinds of doctors in NC, notably family practice physicians - and even by nurse practitioners and physician assistants in some more enlightened states. And a requirement that for abortions over 16 weeks the ultrasound picture has to be sent to the Dept. of Health. Of course they will be "de-identified". Can you say The Handmaiden's Tale?

Surely there will be a slew of lawsuits

that challenge this piece of crap legislation.

This is one of those places where the "protest" should be a carefully orchestrated court action designed to upend everything possible.

I agree.

And I think there may be grounds on violation of HIPAA. Anyone who doesn't realize we are living in a post-Roe world either doesn't see what's going on or doesn't understand what Roe said. It said NO restrictions in first trimester and ONLY restrictions to protect the woman's life and health in the 2nd trimester.