Dick Burr: Still lazy after all these years

A few things in life are entirely predictable. The sun will rise in the morning. Water is wet. And Senator Richard Burr is a lightweight slacker who never fails to disappoint. Today's New York Times has but the latest example of his toxic blend of laziness and incompetence. As the US faces one of its most complex national security issues ever, there could not be more unqualified individual leading the Senate's intelligence oversight:

Some Senate Republicans fumed privately as well. They said Mr. McConnell and Senator Richard Burr, the North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the Intelligence Committee, should have written an alternative to the House bill to give Republicans something to rally around.

We pay our Senators a lot of money and, I at least, expect them to do their damn jobs. Except in the case of Richard Burr. The only thing I expect from him is more of nothing.



Early Morning Giggle

Oh that was a great take on Burr's accomplishments...er lack of. His job must be rather "cushy". Heavens that must change!

Joni Hamrick

Thanks Joni!

Sometimes striving for humor is the only card to play. Otherwise it's too depressing.

Roll Your Eyes

Sometimes I laugh at the gov, sometimes I roll my eyes. Thank you James!!

Joni Hamrick