Trudy Wade continues her attacks on municipalities


Dividing and conquering GOP-style:

“There really isn’t an exit clause for citizens,” Wade said of the perceived historic district shortcoming she aims to fix. “This is just clarifying a way to abolish (the special tax district) if they see the need to do that."

“It’s not written that way,” Vaughan said of Wade’s expressed desire to limit the impact to historic districts. “I know there’s concern among a number of other mayors over the negative impact it could have on their downtowns.” And Vaughan questioned the need for another exit ramp from historic districts, noting that existing law already allows the City Council to abolish such districts.

Oh no, when Trudy says "citizens," she isn't talking about their duly elected representatives, or even the City's citizens themselves as a whole. She's talking about a small subset of citizens who can be manipulated into voting the way the GOP wants. When your party can only claim 19% popularity, here's the approach you must use: (Citywide Referendum = Bad) (Small Enclave Referendum = Good). Why let the voters choose, when you can choose the voters?



My son asked me the other day:

"You don't live in Greensboro, why do you care?"

Aside from the fact I have (2) adult children who live in Greensboro, I care because I care a hell of a lot about Democracy. About "representative" government. About the importance of an enlightened citizenry pursuing progress together, equally, with no voices stifled.

There are municipalities and counties in NC where Democrats only represent a small percent of the voting population. I would preach from a streetcorner and write editorials and talk to people in greasy spoon restaurants, in an effort to change their minds. But I would *never* try to take away their majority Republican voting power via trickery, legislative fiat, creative mapmaking, or any other method that circumvented their will.

And frankly, anybody (even Democrats) who believes that kind of policymaking is acceptable if elections have given you the power to do it has forgotten what it means to be an American.

The people of North Carolina

The people of North Carolina are no longer their constituents. Ideology rules supreme.

Dark money speaks louder than voters at the polls

Ideology runs amok. Police state in place in Raleigh.

The only "constituents" that matter are those with big bucks.

Just sayin'.

Martha Brock