GOP puts tax reform back in the Budget

And crams it down the throats of Legislators who haven't seen it yet:

“With the tax reform package within the budget, the Special Provisions will run to over 500 pages,” McGrady wrote on Facebook Sunday.

Senate leaders announced Monday morning that they’ll hold the first vote on Tuesday – meaning rank-and-file senators will have only one day to read a complex spending bill that spans 500 pages.

Really? You've been given an additional 2 1/2 months to dick around compose the Budget, but you're only giving duly elected representatives of the people less than 24 hours to study it before casting their votes? Just on principle alone that deserves a whole bunch of "Nay" votes and a Veto, but I'm sure the long knives are coming partially out of their scabbards to force Republican puppets to stay on their strings. What a frickin' circus.



I've heard they doubled the

I've heard they doubled the money for vouchers.

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Broken process, broken leadership. North Carolina deserves better.

Posted by Charlie Reece on Monday, September 14, 2015

We'll give it to you at 8:00, and the test will be at 9:30. And if you haven't attended the Evelyn Woodhead speedreading course, it's your own damn fault!