Another Sunday, another "emergency" NC BoE meeting



Don't call in if you're hoping

to find out anything about the Civitas lawsuit, because that part of the meeting will be a "closed session."

As far as the Durham recount carrot dangled to do away with the state-wide recount, it is (of course) a trick. The complaint/request says if the recount produces the same results as it was on Election Day, they won't pursue a broader recount. But the results are already slightly different than they were on that Tuesday. And even if they hadn't changed (yet), a full recount *will* change the tally by a few votes. They always do, even when you're only talking about a couple hundred municipal votes. We're talking tens of thousands in Durham, so there will be a slight shift. And then (when McCrory still doesn't win) he'll point to that slight difference and demand the other 99 counties recount.

So the only responsible thing for the BoE to do is refuse this "special" Durham recount.

I'm listening, but I won't attempt

to provide a running commentary. While I can walk and chew gum at the same time, I usually end up falling down in the process...

The state Board of Elections

has *not* received any direct communication from the McCrory campaign about the "deal" floated about the "recount Durham and we'll drop the rest" gambit. They've seen the same thing we have, just news articles and the press release.

Waiting on formal record

from Durham on the County's previous rulings on challenges and protests. Another meeting being discussed, which Amoroso seems to want delayed to the end of the coming week. Which is also (Friday?) the first hearing on the Civitas bullsh...lawsuit.

And they're into closed session about hiring an attorney to defend against Colonel DeLuca's attempt to stifle Same-Day Registration voters.

I'm out. They're coming back whenever that's finished, but only to announce the hiring of a lawyer.

The State Board of Elections

Never have so many done such damage to democracy with so little thought. The incompetence is breathtaking.

If the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, this pudding tastes like shit.

Cooper's lead stands at 7,742 as of 11/27

with 18 counties left to make their results official:
D counties: Buncombe, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenberg, Durham, Wake
R counties: Allegheny, Alexander, Cleveland, Iredell, Randolph, Moore, Robeson, Bladen, Johnston, Lenoir, Craven, Carteret

Cooper's lead will only go up as those big urban counties report. Even if they were all accepted, no way do the Republican challenges total up enough to offset Cooper's lead. This is all just a game for the state Republican Party now.

Yeah, I really would

like an explanation of where the difference comes from. Unless the Cooper campaign has some numbers from counties that have yet to report their canvass, those numbers are very confusing.

Numbers continue to trickle in

and Cooper's lead is up to 8,085 at the moment. Carteret is now final, 17 counties to go.

My guess is that Cooper's team has unofficial numbers from some or all of the remaining counties that are not final yet.

Or maybe the state is slow-walking the reporting to keep the official Cooper lead from growing too fast. I'd like to think otherwise, but with the Republcians' anything-to-win mentality, you just never know.