Fired For Participating In The Political Process

Guilford County has a new district attorney, Doug Henderson. Among his first official acts: firing staff attorney Julia Wolf Hejazi. Hejazi plans to run for DA when the job comes up for election in November, and Henderson offered her the choice of resigning or being fired. She didn't want to resign, so there you go. Here's the Greensboro News & Record's story, which quotes a Guilford public defender saying "it would be untenable for him to perform his duties when one of his assistants is out there campaigning against him."

Give me a break. Untenable? Uncomfortable maybe, but untenable? Ed Cone is right to say that this looks like Henderson putting politics above public service, and it won't help him this fall.

I don't know much more than this about either candidate, but I'm thinking that this race bears watching. Hejazi's campaign site is taking shape here. For what it's worth, both candidates are Democrats (though only Hejazi had the sense to take off her sunglasses for her picture).



Henderson was appointed to fill the vacant office on the Friday before New Year's Day. He was sworn in on Sunday, and fired Hejazi on his first morning at work. Obviously, he agonized over the decision over a long period of minutes, if not seconds.

This is Common Practice -- It's the Governor Who Sucks

In the race for district attorney, an internal challenger nearly always resigns or is fired. A prosecutor is an at-will employee and can be fired for any reason, or for no reason at all. It's not politics -- it's just business.

The real putz here is Governor Easley, who could have appointed Hejazi to the job but picked a 55 year-old defense attorney with no prosecutorial experience. Clearly, the governor thinks that a man whose last name is Henderson stands a better chance of being elected in November than a woman whose last name is Hejazi. At least he doesn't have a last name that sounds too scary, right?

Like I said, Governor Easley = putz.