Harry Brown's blatant hypocrisy over "concern" for the military

He'll use them as an excuse to ban wind farms, but when they actually need something, Brown is out to lunch:

Legislative leaders talked often this session about the importance of protecting the state's military bases. But their final budget appears to have omitted matching funds for a $9.2 million federal grant for that purpose. Under the DOD's new "Sentinel Landscapes" initiative, the federal grant money would be used in 33 counties in eastern North Carolina to preserve farmland and wilderness around military bases and the Dare County bombing range, as well as along low-level flight training paths.

Wasn't the core of Brown's arguments about Wind Energy projects about potentially blocking flight paths? And here he has an opportunity to leverage Federal funds to do just that, reserve land along those paths so nothing would impair them, and Harry Brown couldn't care less. You won't find a better example of hypocrisy than that, and when confronted with it, Brown reverts to the tried-and-true Republican default position: Bald-faced lies:

Troxler asked legislative budget-writers for $20 million in matching funds over the next two years, but the final budget didn't include them.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown sent a letter to the grant program in February, pledging their "unwavering support" of the state's application.

Asked why the REPI matching funds were not included in the budget, Brown, R-Onslow, replied that he believed that no funds had been requested. Brown also said Troxler could use allocations to various state trust funds to meet the required match, but money in those funds is awarded through competitive grant processes, and some grant applications are already pending.

Nothing pisses me off more than a politician who will use the military or veterans as a lever to get what they want, but then turn around and withhold funding for them for stuff they actually need. Shades of Richard Burr in that, but Brown has a much smaller set of constituents, with a whole lot of current and former military folks casting votes, and they need to be reminded of crap like this.



Harry Brown

I think we need to stop thinking of hypocrisy as a sin. From what I can tell, it's a new art form being perfected by the Republican party.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some military madness developing. Watch out, Harry. Those guys in your district know how to shoot.

They oughta fly over his house

and then kick in the afterburners. Putting new shingles on the roof every 3 months would get old pretty quickly...