Michigan judge awards joint custody to rapist

Rumors of a cease-fire in the War on Women are grossly exaggerated:

Christopher Mirasolo, 27, of Brown City was awarded joint legal custody by Judge Gregory S. Ross after DNA testing established paternity of the child, according to the victim’s attorney, Rebecca Kiessling, who is seeking protection under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 25.

“This is insane,” said Kiessling, who filed objections Friday with Ross. “Nothing has been right about this since it was originally investigated. He was never properly charged and should still be sitting behind bars somewhere, but the system is victimizing my client, who was a child herself when this all happened.”

I'll have to admit, when I first saw reports of this on Facebook, I assumed it was somewhere between Fake News or a wildly-misleading headline. But it's true. She was only 12 years old when she was raped, and it wasn't simply a statutory thing, she was kidnapped and confined. The strange thing is (okay, the whole damn thing is strange), the rapist didn't file for custody, this massive injustice was the result of conservative efforts to punish those seeking public assistance:

The woman spoke briefly Friday about her situation.

“I think this is all crazy,” she told The News. “They (officials) never explained anything to me. I was receiving about $260 a month in food stamps for me and my son and health insurance for him. I guess they were trying to see how to get some of the money back.”

And that's what this all boils down to. Saving a few dollars is more important than protecting a victim of rape. Understand, this jackass only served 6 1/2 months for a crime that should have put him behind bars for a couple of decades. Then he did it again to another 13-15 year-old, and only served two years. And then a judge decided to award him joint custody of a victim's child, just because that child was a "burden" costing the system money. I am so disgusted right now I can't even.



In case you're wondering

why I'm taking such an interest in something that's happening in another state: The judicial gerrymandering and/or Legislative "appointments" to the bench NC Republicans are pushing right now has one major goal in mind, an increase in Conservatives presiding over our courts. That's all I really need to say about that, you can connect those dots on your own.