They don't even try to pretend anymore

I used to make it a point to spotlight Republican hypocrisy, but no more. Hypocrisy is no longer one of the deadly sins in the GOP book. It's a best practice, right up there with lying and cheating. Even so, sometimes their transgressions demand a response.

This week's evil-doer is Dallas Woodhouse, a person who's integrity seems to match that of the scumbag in the White House. I'm not sure if Woodhouse ever had a soul, but if he did, it has long been sold on the altar of "win at any cost." In this case, the "cost" is the integrity and impartiality of an entire branch of government.

A few days ago, Woodhouse tweeted his displeasure with a Democratic judge behaving like a Democrat. Oh the horrors, said Woodhouse. How could this be?

How could this be? Let me count the ways:

  • In 2013, the GOP ended public financing for judicial elections, ushering in the era of big money and outside influence.
  • In 2015, changed the rules to make statewide appellate court elections partisan.
  • This year, they're going to pass HB100 to make ALL judicial races partisan. In addition, they plan to gerrymander the hell out of judicial districts.

So with all due respect, I have two words for Mr. Woodhouse and his never ending bullshit. And they ain't, "Good day."




As ex-judge Marcia Morey said recently, "I feel like we're taking off the black robes and we're putting on the red and blue robes. Does that really serve the interests of justice?"

Oh, he's an idiot alright

He doesn't even realize how ironic his attack on partisanship in judicial races is, after all the crap they've pulled.

This reminds me

Of when Dallas sent emails to all the county boards of election in 2016 reminding the Republican members that they worked for the Republican Party, not the people of North Carolina. And they had best remember that on any votes that would harm the GOP or help Democrats.