Tuesday Twitter roundup

A heaping dose of truth for you this a.m.:

If I didn't have a VA Loan option, it would have been (at least) ten years later before I could have gone from renter to homeowner. We need to fix this. **added note: It's Vicki's birthday today, which I did not realize when I ran her to the top of the flagpole here. But she has earned that spot, for the countless hours she's spent at the General Assembly (and everywhere else) observing and reporting public policy.

That's fantastic, but when Amazon's PAC stops giving money to bigoted Republicans, I'll stand up and applaud. Until then, this is just white noise.

Yep. If Trump wanted to make some coin in the stock market, bullshit futures would be a good bet.

Yeah, we'll have to wait and see about all that. It's the "multidisciplinary and innovative thinking" part that has me concerned, because it sounds kinda Ayn Randish, if you catch my drift...

The improvements in NC's air quality have everything to do with the Clean Smokestacks law in the early 2000's, and nothing to do with your bullshit little graph there.

He should be trending. Frank has got his stuff together.

Cultural Marxism? Somebody got their dogwhistles tangled up...


Rush Limbaugh? What is this, 1997? That scraping sound at the bottom of the barrel is making me cringe...

May end up being the last phone call they ever make.

On that sad and infuriating note, here's your Onion:

But even then there would still be a few fossil fuel holdouts chirping about Solar Cycles or some other nonsense.



Bonus Onion:

I actually know a few people this clueless. You mention the radiation damage from Fukushima and they start talking about some unknown rash they had last year that magically disappeared after nine days.

Thanks for the birthday shout

Thanks for the birthday shout out!
Getting old is not a problem, it's an adventure!