Tuesday News: Evidence or trickery?

WOODHOUSE DEPOSITION REVEALS POSSIBILITY OF A "MOLE" WITHIN DEMOCRATIC JUDICIAL CAMPAIGN: Woodhouse provided members of the media with a packet of documents that he said he also turned over to Democrats in answer to their subpoena. It was made up largely of talking points against Anita Earls, a Democrat running for the state Supreme Court. There was also a two-page opposition research to-do list containing Democratic General Assembly candidates and unverified claims against them. "Is he passing the plate around his church for campaign contributions?" one entry asks. "Is he having an extramarital affair?" Another entry reads in part: "Waiting on mole to produce evidence of illegal coordination." The subpoena, which Woodhouse provided to the media Thursday, asked only for documents related to the elimination of judicial primaries.

NC TEACHERS EARN ALMOST $10,000 LESS THAN NATIONAL AVERAGE: North Carolina is climbing the national rankings on average teacher pay, jumping over $50,000 for the first time. But a new report puts the state 37th in the U.S. and $9,600 below the national average. North Carolina's average teacher salary this school year is estimated to be $50,861 by the National Education Association, up from $49,970 last school year, according to new figures released Monday. The NEA estimates that the average salary for a U.S. teacher is $60,483. The new average salary helped raise North Carolina's estimated national ranking by two spots to 37th. The NEA had initially estimated that the state ranked 35th last school year, but final figures released in the new report said North Carolina was actually 39th.

FAYETTEVILLE CITY COUNCIL CONSIDERING REMOVAL OF ELECTED OFFICIAL OVER CORRUPTION: Williams was caught on tape asking for money from a developer, but he refused a request by Mayor Mitch Colvin and the other eight council members to step down, saying he had done nothing wrong. Jordan Jones, the project manager handling the redevelopment of the former Prince Charles Hotel, recorded a Dec. 21 meeting he had with Williams and businessman T.J. Jenkins over a purported "cloud on the title" to the downtown property. Williams had invested in a previous attempt to redevelop the hotel, but the New York developer behind that effort eventually filed for bankruptcy. "I think I would just feel good if we just worked together some way to make it all go away," he said. "I’m not looking for a large amount of money. I’m just looking for a smooth transition, you know what I mean?"

RAND PAUL ROLLS OVER AND SUPPORTS POMPEO AFTER MEETING WITH TRUMP: Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky had vowed to oppose Pompeo, but Paul tweeted shortly before the vote Monday that after speaking to both men, he was convinced that Pompeo now agreed with President Donald Trump that “the Iraq War was a mistake and it is time to leave Afghanistan.” The full Senate already was on track to confirm Pompeo’s nomination this week after two Senate Democrats, both facing re-election battles in states that Trump won handily, signaled support earlier Monday. The Senate traditionally gives broad leeway to a president’s Cabinet picks. But Paul’s reversal means Pompeo also got the approval of the Senate committee, thus keeping its record of approving every president’s nominee for secretary of state. Nominations were not routinely submitted to the panel until the 20th century.

IRANIAN LEADER WARNS TRUMP ABOUT NIXING THE NUKE DEAL: Iran's president has issued another warning as meetings between President Donald Trump and France's Emmanuel Macron are underway in Washington. Hassan Rouhani says the United States will face "grave" consequences if Washington decides to withdraw from the landmark 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers. Rouhani spoke to a crowd of supporters in the city of Tabriz on Tuesday. State TV broadcast the speech. He said the Iranian nation and government will "strongly resist" any plots by those who sit in the White House. He didn't elaborate except to say Tehran has abided by commitments. Trump did not re-certify the deal in January but extended the main sanctions waivers and gave the Europeans until the next waiver deadline on May 12 to come up with fixes to the deal.



About that mole...

Just a piece of advice from somebody who has studied the KGB's tactics: I find it hard to believe Dallas would turn over a document that revealed something like that. Don't get me wrong, he's def not the shiniest spoon in the drawer. But Conspiracy Theory Steve perched on my shoulder sez that was way too easy to uncover.

Then again, Republicans have demonstrated time and time again a complete lack of ethics, and they might actually be proud of placing a spy in a candidate's campaign. Worth looking into, but not worth consuming a lot of energy that should go towards winning the race.