No No No No No No

Keep it simple, folks. Do not get into debates about individual amendments. There is no need for any of them. NONE.



I just had someone ask me

about the Amendments, what each of them were about, and I said, "It really doesn't matter."

Then I explained how they put them on the ballot for the sole purpose of turning out specific groups of voters to help them win their individual elections, and I got a blank look. Eventually, after more discussion about how we need to protect the Constitution from being used as a political tool, the light bulb finally came on.

The truth is, most NC voters have no idea how bad the NC GOP has gotten. They just don't fathom it. Which in my opinion is a massive failure by the media (and Democrats) to inform them.

That graphic you made sums it up perfectly. Something like that needs to end up in every mailbox, preferably shortly before the election so people won't forget.

I got a designer involved

And she did a fantastic job.

Now I need everyone’s help in getting them out into the world.

1000 coming in 10 days.