Please come to our party today!

If you’re in town and available, please come to our July 4th celebration today. Starts at 5. Bring a side dish ... and a bathing suit! Live music.

If you’re a Republican, you’re welcome to come if you promise to apologize to everyone here for being part of the problem ... and assure me that you’ll vote for only Democratic candidates this fall. Otherwise, no thanks.




451 Lakeshore Lane
Chapel Hill

Thanks for coming Steve

Sorry we didn't get to talk. I was on patrol duty. :)

No worries, there were a lot of people there

I didn't mean to bug out without saying goodbye, but I wanted to get on the road before the storm hit. I made it halfway to the Interstate before the bottom fell out. Hoo boy, that was a gullywasher. Or is it a gobstopper? No, that's the Willy Wonka candy thing. Anyway, great party. ;)