Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Kakistocracy marches on:

The slow disintegration of rights is about to begin:

Make no mistake though: this is not a battle that can be sidestepped. The stakes are simply too high. On issue after issue, Kavanaugh promises to help roll back decades of societal progress and forestall lots more. What’s more, at age 53, he could well serve on the Court till mid-century if confirmed.

Take the issue of reproductive freedom, for example. As Supreme Court expert Ian Millhiser of the Center for American Progress explained recently, the notion that Roe V. Wade will somehow survive the addition of a fifth hard right justice like Kavanaugh to the Court strains credulity.

As Millhiser goes on to explain, the Court doesn’t actually ever have to write the five magic words “Roe v. Wade is overruled” in an opinion. It would be more honest and transparent to do the deed that way, but it’s much more likely that the Court will simply continue to uphold abortion restriction after abortion restriction. As Millhiser observes: "The Supreme Court, in other words, doesn’t need to explicitly overrule Roe in order to overrule Roe. It just needs to make it very clear that, if Texas wants to require every abortion clinic to have an operating room made out of solid gold, Texas is free to do so.”

It’s for this reason – even without an explicit overrule of Roe – that abortion (and even birth control) could be greatly restricted (or even effectively banned) in dozens of states. And so it will go with matters like LGBT rights, health care, environmental protection, gun control, worker rights and, tragically, gerrymandering of the kind in effect and under court challenge in North Carolina.

Not that we shouldn't barrage them with phone calls, but don't expect our two intrepid Senators to do the right thing:

What a pair of oxygen thieves...

And once again I'm forced to say, you're way too smart to not know the (huge) difference between Obama's Presidency and the current tyrannical dolt. But you still play the false equivalency game, making your integrity the first victim. The following victims are the people who read that misinforming nonsense.

Y'all need to stop calling this a "Law." It could have easily been made into a law, but Republicans decided to take advantage of the emotionalism surrounding it and cast it as an Amendment to flog their voters. That's right, the GOP will use anything, including a victim that was horribly murdered, just to get what they want. You shouldn't be happy, you should be furious.

Interesting additional statistic: 41% of Americans are fucking morons. Sorry, let me rephrase that: "Forty one percent of Americans are fucking idiots." Much better...

I wonder if Trump is getting a piece of that $15.99 action? They're both grifters, so I'm sure they'll work something out. And then betray each other...

Oh, that is a steaming pile right there. When Dallas and Robin Hayes realized Democrats were about to run candidates in every race, they put on their own full-court press to copy them. Dallas knew damn well who *each* of the GOP's candidates were, and he might have even recruited this nut-job.

Not ready yet? What are you waiting for, proper instructions from Trump himself? Burr is worse than useless,...

The average family in the U.S. pays $10,000 per year for private health insurance, and their average deductible per year is almost $8,000. Do the frickin' math, instead of leaving out the most important part of the formula.

There's at least one in every family...

They should strike. And late September-early November would be an ideal time to do so...

On that hopeful note, here's your Onion:

Funny/not funny. And take that picture 2-3 years from now, and she'll have an unwanted child screaming for attention.




Dude doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of unseating Mike Woodard, but that still doesn't make me feel any better knowing he's probably toting a firearm on his fat ass somewhere (former Captain of Durham Sheriff's dept.)