Tuesday Twitter roundup

"Face in the dirt" is very symbolic, I must say:

You know what? If they had moved that statue last year (or the year before that), it would not have come to this. The responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of those who can't stop fighting a war they lost 150 years ago, and those who were afraid to ruffle their feathers.

Nice try, dingus. But that's actually a statue moved into the Arkansas Capital in protest of them posting the Ten Commandments on a government building. And it is quite funny, frankly...

Agree wholeheartedly. And thank you Rep. Morey for having the guts to come out early in support of this action. Nobody needs to feel ashamed of getting rid of symbols of oppression.

Dude, he's a banker. Of course he's going to falsify reports to encourage more investments.

Another day, another "Stockholm Syndrome" post from the bootlickers at SEANC:

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper supports a minimum wage increase but hasn’t talked much about how high it should go. Cooper vetoed the state budget containing the $15 wage, in part because Republicans wouldn’t suspend planned tax cuts for the highest wage earners and for corporations.

Collective bargaining by North Carolina state workers is prohibited, but the State Employees Association and smaller North Carolina Public Service Workers Union have sought $15 per hour for years.

Association executive director Robert Broome pitched the idea to Republicans as a way to help workers living near the poverty level — currently $25,100 for a family of four — share the benefits of state GOP tax-and-spending policies that have resulted in revenue surpluses and corporation windfalls.

Broome said the association has a proud history backing those “who champion the issues and policies that are important to state employees and retirees, regardless of their political affiliation.”

SEANC also has a long history of ignoring deep budget cuts to Executive agencies enacted by Republicans, which have thinned the ranks of public employees considerably. But we won't talk about that...

I've just about had my fill of Nate Silver, thank you very much. There's a 99% likelihood that he will misread polling and statistics, and 100% likelihood that will piss me off.

I don't even have to look to know this is more of Mike Walden's GOP cheerleading. Talk about déjà f**king vu...

I'll tell you the same thing I told the author of this piece:

I am sick to death of Republicans who lie about the things they've done, and the reporters who give those lies equal time with the truth. Just stop, already.

Yes, and we need to move forward with it asap.

What the (actual) hell does an architect know about health outcomes? That was a rhetorical question, because this little sit-down has nothing to do with the subject material, and everything to do with blatant self-promotion.

And she is the poster child for a wasted continuing education. She makes a box of rocks seem capable in comparison.

On that somewhat embarrassing note, here's your Onion:

And after that it will be exclusively nagging, with an occasional invite to a really boring party.



Great round-up today

Boy, the GOP's lying and deception just never stops, does it. Maddening.

More on Silent Sam

My friend Randy Riddle posted this background material about Silent Sam on Facebook. It's worth a few minutes of your time to understand the legacy of hate this statue represents.