Friday fracking video


I know this is way earlier

than my usual way early post, but I'm heading off to my daughter's house in just a few minutes for Thanksgiving dinner. It's just far enough that I'll be pooped by the time I get home, and liable to forget to post. Of course the world wouldn't end if I did forget, but that wouldn't stop me from freaking out a little bit. I've got some issues...

Enjoy your dinner!

Steve - Thanks for all you do! Enjoy your dinner.

As usual, I ate too much :)

My son-in-law has one of those cookers where the turkey sits in a basket in the middle, while hot oil circulates in a separate compartment around it. There are no suitable words to describe how tasty that was. And of course we had a spiral honey-glazed ham, and all the other standard fixins, but I was already about half full from eating crackers and cheese with cold cuts. Whew...