Voter ID hearings in Raleigh are being broadcast live

Voter ID hearings in Raleigh are being broadcast live

Some jerk just brought up ACORN.



College ID

It looks like everyone is just now finding out that there is no standard college ID in NC.

ACORN, really?

Hmph. I'm surprised the jerk didn't also lament the fact that dark-skinned illegal voters are sapping his precious bodily fluids with flouridation.

There were apparently some seriously

ignorant comments made yesterday, but I haven't had the willpower to to watch that clusterfuck. Somebody should do a mash-up video...

Okay, I tried to watch...

But the ignorance on display was just too much to stomach. From quoting Rush Limbaugh to (the continual) misrepresentation of Federal law about college voters, it's obvious most of the conservatives present don't have the mental capacity to understand the issue, much less "advise" lawmakers on what to do. Sheesh.

I couldn't watch it either.

I couldn't watch it either. We're confirming our worst nightmare: America has way too many dumbshits and ignoramuses masquerading as eligible voters.