Tuesday Twitter roundup

The last days of the Berger Empire:

It will be interesting to see how they operate without absolute power...

While I understand Fletcher Hartsell might seem like a good poster boy for GOP campaign finance shenanigans, a much more appropriate photo would be of Ralph Hise, who just skated to another 2-year term. And is also much more likely to be the reason behind this proposed new law.

F**k Berger, and the sway-backed mule he rode into town on. All he deserves is a lump of coal in his stocking. A lump of something, anyway...

Brent gets a lot of things wrong, but it's never slowed him down.

This needs more than a quick glance:

The placement of substantial numbers of North Carolinians with mental illness in adult care homes, as well as the uneven quality of care at those facilities despite state and county oversight continued to be a concern.

“(Adult care homes) continue to range from being well-maintained and inviting places to live to less-well-maintained homes that are not inviting,” Knisley wrote. “The less inviting homes are often loud, with many residents walking aimlessly up and down the halls, sitting in wheelchairs or in TV rooms, or outside sitting near the front door.”

She also noted specific concerns with the state’s oversight apparatus. Regional governmental agencies responsible for managing behavioral health services, called Local Management Entity-Managed Care Organizations or LME-MCOs, are responsible for investigating adult care home resident complaints about violations of their rights.

But Knisley reported that LMC-MCOs have consistently been finding complaints unsubstantiated. “None of the complainants reported being interviewed prior to the finding being considered unsubstantiated,” she wrote. “Without additional information regarding response to these complaints, the state cannot be found in compliance with this provision.”

Granted, some of those complainants are not competent enough to remember if they had been interviewed. But when *nobody* remembers being interviewed, that's not just an anomaly, it's pure negligence. Especially in the private sector mental health realm, you can't rely exclusively on clinicians and caregivers to provide unbiased reporting on their own actions. You just can't.

Roger that. The GOP is right about one thing: Election integrity is important. But it's not in-person voter fraud we need to worry about, it's front porch and living room fraud.

I still say you could bury good ol' Sam in the ground, on campus, and it would meet the criteria...

What a relief. When I first saw reports of this, I was afraid they were getting all right-wingy. Which would mean I could no longer haz those heavenly chips & salsa, not to mention the Cajun Chicken Pasta. Or those little sliders...Dammit, now I'm hungry.

That's not helping! *sigh* Now I've got to get dressed, drive the tedious 3.7 miles to Chili's, explain to the nice girl (once again) that having a computer screen on my table is not nearly as "handy" as she thinks it is, try to avoid getting in a staring contest with that baby over there, wait until the waitress isn't watching so I can look at my IPhone without feeling like a hypocrite over my earlier comment about the computer screen...

Nice form. And she's holding the gun properly. Er, that wasn't me, it was Evil Steve. He's not as enlightened as I am...

Oh that's...unfortunate. And so is the juxtaposition of the cup in his hand...

I hear you. But in the twisted mind of a Republican, an unqualified Christian teacher is greater than a secular teacher with a Master's degree. You just can't fix stupid, you have to remove it from power.

Yeah, you might as well just dig a hole in the ground and run the end of the phone line down there. At least those worms might listen.

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

Yes, they are frightening. But most of them don't bite...